Import student ID photos to the SIS database

by University Communication | September 2, 2010

Import student ID photos for the SIS database

Various faculty members have observed for years that portrait-type photographs would be a useful addition to the PeopleSoft Student Information System, helping them learn and remember their students’ names more quickly. The Dean of Students Office has also expressed interest, as has Public Safety for possible use in emergency situations. The photos taken for campus ID cards had not been readily accessible for those purposes, until now. The University acted on the proposal once it fully investigated possible privacy and data-custodian issues (and found none) and was able to ensure secure, on-demand access for authorized personnel only. The “photo-with” function will be an option that faculty members can choose or bypass.

Employee suggestions were the basis for two dozen "Quick Fix" initiatives implemented during Chancellor Harden's first year. Each of the 100 or so suggestions was discussed at the cabinet level and assigned to a division leader and planning team for followup. Some suggestions turned out to be measures already in place, some involved only minor tweaks to existing practice, and others were determined not to be "quick fixes" at all because of cost, complexity or time horizon. Several projects not yet initiated (and therefore not listed here) remain under consideration.