Greetings and welcome

by Thomas Harden | October 1, 2009

Today marks the debut of “Conversations,” a publication we’ll share periodically with faculty, staff and community supporters of UW-Green Bay.

The name “Conversations” conveys my intent. I don’t want this to be a one-way communication from the chancellor’s office. I do want this to be a vehicle to facilitate engagement, to solicit opinions and involvement, and to report back what I’m hearing from you and others about our University.

We’ll carry a “Your View” feature in each issue and invite individuals from campus or community to offer insight and opinion on a UW-Green Bay-related topic. I will also pose a “Campus Question” to encourage discussion of common issues.

Finally, I’ll summarize what I’m “up to” as chancellor. I believe stakeholders should be well-informed as to efforts made on their behalf, especially in the community. A chancellor’s schedule includes many meetings, not only on campus but with community leaders, lawmakers, alumni, state officials, education leaders and more. Obviously, many of these meetings will be of a confidential nature but, where possible, I’ll try to be open and share at least a general feel for how UW-Green Bay is faring with regard to key issues and initiatives.

With that, let’s start the “Conversations.”

Thomas K. Harden
Chancellor, UW-Green Bay