The Perfect Dates

So here’s the scenario…you’re teaching a course that has a dropbox folder assignment for each week of the semester. You last taught the course the previous year. The course structure has remained the same, and the dropbox portion is identical. The catch is that you had “end dates” for all the dropbox folders, and they all need to be updated to this year.


But have no fear, this is where Manage Dates shines. Follow the steps below to gain a few extra minutes and avoid carpal tunnel.

The Manage Dates tool in D2L allows you to offset dates from one semester to the next.

  1. Manage Dates can be found in the Edit Course area of your course. Click Edit Course to begin.
  2. Click on Manage Dates
  3. Under the Filter Options heading, click on the Specific Tools radio button. For our example we’re interested only in Dropbox, so we’d uncheck the other tools and click on the Apply Filter button.
  4. Now, only your Dropbox activities are shown. Select them via their checkboxes and click on the Offset Dates button.
  5. A small, new window opens, titled Offset Dates. For our scenario, we were interested in End Dates, so we’ll select that from the Offset drop-down menu. For the Days drop-down menu, select Calculate Based on Two Dates (this will help us calculate the number of days to offset your activities by, i.e. it does the math for us).There are many different dates you can choose to utilize, the simplest would be to enter the first day of class for the previous semester you taught the course (ex. 1/21/2013) for the From date. Then for the To date, use the first day of class for the current semester (ex. 1/27/2014). Then click on the Calculate button.
  6. Click Save and your dates will be automatically updated. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Select all the activities again, via their checkboxes, and click on Offset Dates again. If you use Forward or Backward instead of Calculate Based on Two Dates, you can adjust as needed by manually entering the number of days.

If you need assistance using the Manage Dates tool, contact Academic Technology Services at 2510 or ats@uwgb.edu

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