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New vision for the American Intercultural Center

Recently I attended the state Multicultural/Disadvantaged Coordinator meeting in Pewaukee, WI. During this meeting, I was able to meet with other multicultural directors and learn about various programs they are putting on at their respective institutions. The one thing that became very apparent to me was the huge shift towards programming instead of focusing on the retention of underrepresented students attending our respective institutions. It seemed like schools are only focused on the quantity of programs instead of the quality of programming.

This led to rethinking my vision for the American Intercultural Center. My vision is to shift our focus towards the retention and academic success of our underrepresented students. The staff of the AIC will explore more ways to aid in the academic, personal and social success of students at UW-Green Bay, while providing educational opportunities to all students, faculty and staff at UW-Green Bay. We will focus on putting out quality programming geared towards the diversity enhancement of students, faculty and staff. This state meeting has shown me there needs to be more educating across the board and not just rely on programs where you are preaching to the choir.  We should be providing an opportunity for ALL of us to learn, grow and develop as professionals and life-long learners.

Finally, as we approach Martin Luther King Day, let’s all remember why we got into higher education. We are all in this field to influence, inspire and motivate others to be successful in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Regardless of the color of your skin or ethnic background, we all need to realize that this campus as a whole has the same goals, but we need each other in order to achieve this overarching goal. I have always believed a united front is the strongest unit possible and it is my hope that the American Intercultural Center can work with you in order to create a strong united front in helping students, faculty and staff achieve their goals.

Mike CrumJustin Mallett,
Director,                                                   American Intercultural Center

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The History of CATL

In 2008 the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) was officially formed. CATL was established in response to a recommendation made by the Task Force on Teaching Evaluation in fall 1998, a Faculty Development Council proposal submitted to the Academic Affairs Team in spring 1999, the recommendation of the Comprehensive Academic Program Review Task Force in fall 2006, and the receipt of initial funding to support the Center through the UW-Green Bay Growth Initiative.  Continue reading

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Spring OPID Meeting

While the weather outside did not feel like Spring, the recent Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID) Council meeting focused on exciting Spring programming that is available to faculty across the UW System.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little background on OPID, as well as share with you some of the programs OPID offers that, perhaps, you might this year (or in the near future) like to get involved in. Continue reading


Students Do What With Pencils and Bottles?

Cheating never crossed my mind when I was a student. Not once while in grade school, high school or college.  In my mind you don’t cheat, you just don’t go there.  In fact, my sophomore year in high school I walked into my health class and saw there were numbers with associated letters written in pencil on the desk.  I freaked out! Were these the answers to that day’s quiz?  I could not have erased them fast enough! Continue reading