Having Trouble Finding All Of A Student’s Discussion Posts By Topic?

In Discussions, it is possible to see all postings for a particular student at once for a selected Topic, as well as to assess the Topic. Even if you’re not officially grading the topic, it’s another way to find all posts made by a student.

  1. If your topic is not set to be graded, click the [inverted arrow] to the right of the Topic and select [Edit Topic]. If your topic was already set as a graded activity, skip to step 3.
  2.  Under the [Assessment] tab, assign a general [Score out of] value. Click [Save and Close].
  3.  Click the inverted arrow to the right of the Topic and select [Assess Topic]. This takes you to a new window where you can sort by Users or Assessments.
  4.  Click on the [Assessments] tab and click on a student’s name to review their posts for the Topic.

In the new window, scroll down to the bottom and you will be able to view all posts by a particular student. (If desired, this list may be saved as a PDF, printed, or copied/pasted into a Word document, as well.)

NOTE: In this area, you may assess posts, provide a score, and click [Save and Close]. However, if you are assessing the Topic, please note that the Topic must be associated with a specific Grade item, and that it must be set to [Publish to Grades] in order to send the grade to the Gradebook.

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