Don’t be a Sad Panda, Be Prepared!

D2L is going to be upgraded June 4 and June 5, 2014. But no need to be a sad panda! The changes in this upgrade are minimal and will entail some changes to the look and feel, as well as new features and improvements.   

As the video above from UWSystem shows, some of the new shiny features include …

  • Role Switch will be available on your name in the upper right hand corner
  • Command buttons (Save, Cancel, etc.) float on screen: scroll up or down and command buttons remain visible and clickable
  • Drag and drop files to content area
  • When updating a content document, check a box to notify students that the content has been changed
  • New tab names in the quizzes area
  • Instructors and students can participate in discussions directly from content
  • Improved and simplified discussion interface
  • Discussion restore feature
  • Enter feedback for students who did not submit to dropbox, or who submitted a file outside of D2L
  • Return annotated student submissions in a bulk upload
  • Milestone Grading

To learn more, consider attending some of the wonderful 30 minute workshops hosted by the ATS staff over the next few weeks.

To view all the dates and times for the sessions you can go to the following website: Contact ATS with any questions or (920) 465-2286.

One thought on “Don’t be a Sad Panda, Be Prepared!”

  1. yes i do agree, instead of getting bog down, we better prepare for fight and come as a winner.
    Thanks for inspirational article and for sure you got my vote as well.


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