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Peer Mentoring as a High Impact Experience

Written by Olyvia Kuchta, UWGB Student

As a Peer Mentor for the Gateway to Phirstyear Success (GPS) Program I was involved in many activities to help first year students develop skills to make a successful transition to college. Specifically, as a Peer Mentor it was my duty to help first year students develop skills in order to be successful throughout their college experience by modeling these behaviors and sharing my own experiences as a student. Continue reading


Expectations & Student Atheletes

Written by Mike Klein

Life is a two-way street where give and take is the key to success. I believe this is how it can work best with student-athletes and professors for a successful and learning experience; and keeping their academics as priority number one. Here in Phoenix Country it is a priority that our student-athletes communicate and try to go the extra mile so that their professors are willing to work with them when traveling and competition schedules challenge their academic schedule. We are very blessed here in Phoenix Country with an awesome faculty and staff that unselfishly works with our student-athletes when challenges arise. Here is a brief picture of how we (athletics) expect our student-athletes to work with and communicate with our faculty and staff to try to avoid the unexpected.

Continue reading


Tutoring & Learning Center

Written by Sherri Arendt

The T&LC, Tutoring & Learning Center, is located on the lower level of the Cofrin Library, and is tucked away near the elevator entrance.  To those of you who did not know, the original space was a designated hang-out and TV lounge for those of us who graced this campus in the 80’s.  Thick purple shag carpet hug on the walls. This writer can recall walking over bodies to find an empty spot on the floor while balancing a plate of food to eat. It was a place to meet friends between classes while watching favorite soap operas. Continue reading


The Power of What We Can Do

P. H. D.

Three little letters. On their own, they don’t look all that impressive. Once you learn a little about their significance, though, you find that those three little letters mean a great deal. A Ph.D. is the highest academic degree. As such, it takes years of intensive study to earn one. With an introduction like that, you might get the impression that I wrote this blog post to brag about the prestige of a Ph.D. That’s not at all what this is about, as you’ll see below. Continue reading

Vet Lounge 002

Supporting Our UWGB Veterans

UWGB is ranked No. 26 in the Midwest for 2015 Best Colleges for Veterans. So it is not surprising that last week the Chancellor’s Council on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence held a workshop on “Veterans Reintegration from Combat to the Classroom.” It was packed full of highly valuable information that each faculty and staff should be aware of in supporting our veteran students on campus. Continue reading