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The Impact of CATL

Now I might be a tiny bit biased, but I think UWGB’s CATL is probably the best in the country, and possibly even the world (or at least, we’re on our way.) We’re a space that faculty can rely on for professional development, pedagogical support and facilitation of community. And you can hang out with Jen, Dana and me!


But, unsurprisingly, people won’t just take my word for it.

With the current cuts being proposed, CATL was given an opportunity to talk about our impact on teaching and learning. Queue a fun-filled weekend of surveys, statistics and budgets! While we may have been tearing our hair out for a couple of days, we did compile some pretty amazing quantitative and qualitative evidence of how important our services are to what happens in the classroom.

Below we have a quick snapshot of some of the most important  and interesting numbers that came from our work. If you’re interested in seeing more in-depth results, let us know.


However, beyond the head-counts, one of the most important things CATL does is ensure that the conversation on campus is centered on teaching and learning. It creates an environment where faculty can innovate with support, inspire and collaborate with their peers from all disciplines and make the teaching across campus exceptional.

We’re hopeful and excited to continue providing many opportunities in the future, and hope to see you all there.

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Not Your Mother’s Course …

“You and your group are walking in the woods when you find a bloody, unconscious young woman. You look through the backpack, you discover a two-way radio and a gas-mask. Her arm is wounded and looks badly infected but from this distance you can’t tell if it’s a bite or not. She’s starting to wake up. Work with your group to decide what to do.”

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QM Process

Hook, Line & Sinker at Quality Matters

“Charting the Course”, “Navigating the Currents of Change”, “Set Sail on a Course Tour”, “A Voyage through QM”.

The harbor-based puns (and subsequent groaning) came hard and fast at the 6th Annual Quality Matters Conference held in Baltimore, which I was lucky enough to attend and present at in September. The conference attracts faculty, designers and administrators from across the county to learn more about Quality Matters and it is a great opportunity for CATL to learn more about the process, share our progress and network with institutions with similar goals. Continue reading


The Freshman Five

Over 25 staff, faculty and students met recently to talk about the Rebekah Nathan’s ethnographical book My Freshman Year, the CATL Book Club selection for Spring 2014. With discussions led by Professor Denise Bartell of the GPS program, participants talked about Nathan’s insights into the Freshman experience. While the discussion and the reading led to many considerations, here are were my top takeaways! Continue reading