Tips to Remember When Drafting Your Resume

Looking to apply for a part-time position, internship, or post-graduate opportunity?

You will want to ensure your resume includes all necessary information and the layout allows for an easy, quick read for employers. The following items are important things you should be aware of when you draft your resume.


- Indicate the type of position you are seeking (part-time, full-time, internship). Keep your objective to the point. One or two sentences will suffice.

Example: To obtain a professional position within the area of Finance.


-List most recent education (UW-Green Bay) first if you are a transfer student

-Be sure to include majors, minors, and areas of emphasis


“Bachelor of Science, Expected Graduation Month, Year” – If you are not in your final semester

“Bachelor of Arts, Month, Year” (December, May, or August) – If you are in your final semester


      Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with Nutritional Science Emphasis, May 2011
      University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

-If you include your GPA, do not round up and use this format: 3.7/4.0 and do not use more than two decimal places.


-Remove any high school information a year after you graduate from high school since you have more recent, relevant education and experiences

-Use present tense verbs when describing duties for positions you currently hold. Use past tense when describing positions you no longer hold.

-When listing work history, be sure to list in chronological order, with most recent first. Include the following information:

  Position Title, Dates
  Company, City, State
  Accomplishments, duties, skills used

-You can split your experience into relevant and related experience to draw attention to positions or experience related to your major or to the position for which you are applying.


-For any activities or volunteer experience, place in chronological order, most recent first and use the following layouts:

                -Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity, UW-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI, September 2008-Present
                -Member, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Green Bay, WI, September 2009-March 2010
                -Participant, Intramural Football, UW-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI, October 2008 and 2009


-Do not include references on your resume. These should be on a separate sheet with the same heading as your resume. Visit to see an example.


-Do not include “I”, “me”, or “my” on the resume.

-If your resume will not fit on one page, be sure you do not split a position or your activities/volunteer experience onto two pages.


-Include your address, phone number and/or email at the top of your resume. Make your name an acceptable size so it stands out to the viewer.

-Move education to the top of your resume if you are looking for a position in your major.

-Resumes should ideally be one page long. You can adjust spacing, margins, layout, and font size/style to allow this.

-Be consistent with font size, style, spacing between sections, bullets and alignment.

Services Provided by Career Services at UW-Green Bay

Career Services Website:

Visit for more information regarding places to search for a job, along with examples of resumes, cover letters, and references. You will also find valuable information and videos about interviewing.

Schedule an Appointment

Career Services at UW-Green Bay encourages students to make an appointment with a staff member to review resumes and cover letters. The office also provides the opportunity for students to engage in a mock interview with a staff member to introduce them to the type of questions an interviewer might ask. To schedule an appointment, call 920-465-2163.

Upload Resume and Search for Positions on PRO

Students can upload resumes into the PRO system on the Career Services website. Some employers can view student resumes uploaded in PRO and may contact you about your interest in a position.

PRO is also a great way to view positions posted by employers.  Students can search on-campus, off-campus, internships, and professional positions along with community service within a certain industry or job function.

If you have any questions about information listed here, please contact our office at 920-465-2163 or email