NEWS FLASH: Employers Researching YOU on Social Networking Sites!

Often times for college a student, the ‘day after’ hangover is enhanced by all of the pictures from last night posted on Facebook or Myspace. These pictures have many purposes; they can be funny to some, perhaps embarrassing, and for most college-age adults, they provide some answers to the common question “What happened last night?” 

But what if the manager from that great job you applied for saw those pictures? What if you don’t get the job because you were doing a beer bong while giving the middle finger to the camera last week at a party? That sounds pretty far-fetched right? Wrong. 

The fact is that 22% of employers use social networking sites as a valuable tool when evaluating potential job candidates and 9% intend to do so in the near future, according to a survey done by Thirty-Four percent of those hiring managers chose not to hire a candidate based on profile findings. The greatest reason for dismissal is information about the candidate drinking or doing drugs.  Other reason that employers have opted out of hiring certain people based on their profiles are lack of or lies about job qualification, evidence of poor communication skills, and negative comments about a former employer.

Our advice to you? Get rid of your digital dirt. You don’t have to completely erase everything. Employers like to see someone who is outgoing, cultured, and professional.  Just be careful of what you post and what friends post about you.  Your social network profile should be a helpful tool, not a blemish on your polished resume.

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