Get LinkedIn to Success!

          Have you ever wished you hadn’t been tagged in an unflattering photo on Facebook?  Ever posted something that you later regretted?  Now imagine if your potential employer saw your Facebook profile or Twitter feed.  Do you think they would still hire you?  Like it or not, employers are using social media as a tool in the interview process.  There are things you can do to help yourself, though.

               First, it may sound silly, but Google yourself.  This is the best way to see what kind of information is out there about you.  This will show you exactly what a potential employer might see if they search you.  Next you should carefully comb through your uploads and posts, deleting anything that may be offensive or derogatory.  Changing your profile settings to private is also highly recommended.  Another tip that is sometimes overlooked is your email address.  We can all remember when we were younger and thought it was cool to have a silly email address, but when applying for a job, it can be embarrassing.  Make sure your email is professional and appropriate.  For a full list of social networking tips check out this link.

               In addition to monitoring your social media use, it is also a good idea to utilize the networking site LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is an online network that connects over 175 million members in 200 countries around the world.  Their goal is to create a professional social media site that would allow job seekers to connect with potential employers and companies.  You can create and customize your profile with your educational background, specific skills set, resume, and so much more.  This is a great way to present yourself in a professional manner and make connections with potential employers.  Go to and get started creating your own profile.  Career Services is also planning 2 informative programs on the LinkedIn process.  Attend these seminars on October 23 or November 12th from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM in the 1965 Room of the University Union.

          Contact Career Services for more information on LinkedIn and the wonders it can do for you and your job search!

Go Government Webinar Series

Have you considered a career in the federal government?  According to a recent report from the Partnership for Public Service, opportunities for employment are high as an estimated 60,000 federal workers are expected to retire in 2011.  This leaves federal agencies with the task of attracting young, skilled, and educated individuals to replace these retirees.  If they are to maintain the high level of performance required to run the government, job seekers must understand what federal agencies are really looking for.

UWGB Career Services is offering three Go Government webinars in October to any students interested in learning about careers with the federal government.  From finding the right federal job/internship to applying and interviewing, these webinars will provide useful insight into this exciting and competitive field.  Thousands of positions are available in agencies such as Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and many more.  These webinars are designed to help students match positions to their specific skill set and subsequently prepare them for the federal application process.  By using the site, you can also find a search feature that allows you to browse positions by agency, geographical location, or occupation.  For each posting, a description of the job and the educational/training requirement are posted, as well as estimated salary and number of promotional opportunities.  This is a great way to do research before the webinars to get an idea of what federal jobs may be right for you.

The Go Government webinars will be held October 4th, 12th, and 20th.  You can attend any or all of them, and no registration is required.  For information about location and session times, please visit the Career Services Events Calendar.

Another webinar for those interested in public service careers will also be offered in the month of October.  How to Do Well While Doing Good: A College Student’s Guide to Socially Responsible Careers, presented by Donald Asher, will be held on October 13th.

Contact Career Services if you have any questions!


Social Media in Your Job Search

As promised, here is my recap of the Using Social Media in Your Job Search presentation that took place on campus this afternoon in the University Union. The program, hosted speaker Nancy Thompson, a UWGB alum and partner at Signature Search, here in Green Bay.

We use social media in our personal lives. We build, maintain and rekindle friendships on sites such as Facebook and Myspace, but have you ever thought of using social media to build professional relationships?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site that is based around developing those kind of professional “connections” as they call them. The network, launched in 2003, has 90 million users in over 200 countries.

Nancy began the program with a brief introduction of herself, we attendees, as well as the topic at hand, the LinkedIn network. Nancy, with a strong business background, has been working in the recruitment industry for over 15 years. She mentioned that she has seen first hand the benefits of using LinkedIn when searching for employment, and that she was excited to share this information with us. As attendees, we varied greatly. Many of the students in attendance were there to fulfill extra credit assignments, some were returning students and others soon-to-be grads. There were also a handful of faculty members that attended, which proves Nancy’s second point about how relevant professional networking and social media are to the college campus and society in general.

After introductions, Nancy walked us through the LinkedIn system. At first LinkedIn reminded me of Facebook. After logging in, there was a “Newsfeed” homepage that displayed the latest updates from your “connections”, or in the Facebook world, friends. Many of Nancy’s connections posted things resembling status’ and a large portion of them had linked their Twitter accounts to their LinkedIn, which were automatically displayed. LinkedIn also allows you to set up a profile, much like the ones on Facebook, but without all the nonsense “Wallposts” and pictures. Your LinkedIn profile is basically a less intense version of your resume with sections such as, ‘Current Title’, ‘Past Titles, Jobs’, ‘Education’, ‘Recommendation’ , and others similar. There is also a section to post an ‘About Me’ summary.

Groups are a huge part to LinkedIn. There are groups for everything imaginable, yet professional-related. The groups are used to network with others with shared interests and skills, as well as allow you to build connections through other connections–kind of like that “6 Degrees” theory. One group that Nancy recommends to students and young adults is the Young Professionals Network. This network is hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce as well as others around the state. “It is a great networking tool for young adults and new college grads,” said Ms. Thompson.

Contacts or connections rather, are truly what makes this network such a unique resource. They represent a huge part of networking and allow you to share information and learn about jobs from the professionals working in those jobs. “Networking is not about what you know, it’s who you know,” stated a fellow attendee. It is true. Networking is about making connections between people. If you meet 5 people, and each of those 5 people, meet 5 people, your connections have just tripled.

Using LinkedIn in your job search is a valuable tool, but also is a huge factor in the “Social Media Era” that our society has entered. To find more information about LinkedIn and its benefits visit our website:, give us a call at 920-465-2361, or try it for yourself, LinkedIn: Start making professional connections for YOUR future.