New Look to Phoenix Recruitment Online/PRO – Check it Out!

It is coming…..Thursday, May 24, 2012 to a computer or smart phone near you!  Phoenix Recruitment Online/PRO is getting a facelift and upgrade!  What does this mean for you?

Nothing will change about your login.  It should be easier to use and more friendly to navigate.  The color scheme has changed, some icons have changed and there are LESS clicks to get where you want to go!  Also – there will be a mobile app for your SMART PHONE!  How cool is that?

These exciting new changes have been made in PRO to help make your experience looking for jobs and internships better than ever! The design has been upgraded to make your experience easier including these great options:

  • Streamlined and updated look
  • Easier layout to complete your account
  • Less clicks when job searching
  • The ability to open job listings in multiple tabs

Visit PRO now by clicking here:

Also new is a mobile app for your smart phone to allow you to access PRO on the go.  To access/create the mobile app you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to on your smartphone
  2. Click the “Share” icon in your mobile browser
  3. Choose the “Add to Home Screen” option – this will create a shortcut to access this site on your smart phone home screen
  4. Give this shortcut a name and click “Add”

If you have any questions or have problems navigating the new PRO – please contact a staff member in Career Services: or 920-465-2163.

Remember the new student view of PRO is set to release this Thursday – May 24!

Ten Common Job Search Errors

When job seekers receive a rejection from an employer – they often don’t receive feedback why they didn’t get the job or internship.  If you find that you are being rejected too often, maybe some corrections need to be made in one or more of the following areas:

 1.      Is your resume letting you down?
If your resume does not stand out, chances of an interview are slim. Make sure your resume is well-written. Seek help if needed.

2.      Are you networking?
Seek out people you know and if they are in your field – let them know you are looking!

3.      Are you using limited job sources to find openings?
Traditional sources are not enough – look online, use multiple job boards and consider social media too!

4.      Are your job search materials off-target?
Customize cover letters and resumes. Jobs seekers who don’t put forth effort in the search are labeled “too lazy to hire”.

5.      Are you treating unemployment as a form of vacation?
Treat your job search like a job, 40 hours/week searching!

6.      Are you well prepared for job interviews?
Do your research! Show your interest and explain how you can meet their needs. Know their services, products, etc.

7.      Are your interview techniques poor?
An interview is not a casual conversation. Practice your interview skills and be prepared for probing, behavioral based questions.

8.      Is your job search too restricted?
You might need to relocate, broaden your commuting range, work for a smaller employer, etc. Define what matters most to you to conduct the widest search possible.

9.      Do you criticize past employers during interviews?
If you spend your time criticizing former employers, you come across negative. Most will rule out hiring you.

10.  Is your appearance professional and strong?
How you dress and carry yourself says a lot about your self-confidence. Formal, professional dress is a must for interviews.

If you are struggling with your job or internship search, be sure to use the various resources provided by Career Services!

The countdown to Fall 2011…are YOU ready?

The staff in Career Services are preparing for the start of the semester -four weeks and counting! Whether you are a freshman, transfer student or seasoned student who will be graduating in the next semester or two, a little pre-semester preparation can go a long ways.

UNDECIDED? NEED HELP DECIDING YOUR MAJOR or CAREER DIRECTION? We have resources to help you explore information about majors and careers. If you’re not sure where to start, call our office (920.465.2163) to set up a time to visit with one of our staff members who can direct you to the appropriate resources or recommend a career assessment if appropriate.

NEED A JOB/INTERNSHIP? USE PHOENIX RECRUITMENT ON-LINE (PRO)! Whether you are looking for an on- or off-campus job, an internship, or will be graduating and seeking a full-time position, all positions received by Career Services are listed in PRO. If you have specific questions about campus employment or work study awards, be sure to connect with Student Employment at 920.465.2556 or As a registered student at UW-Green Bay, you have an account in PRO. Check out the following link ( to learn how to access the system and view the user’s guide. You can upload a resume into the system and set up a job search agent, which is a great way to receive notifications about openings in your specific areas of interest.

PREPARE OR UPDATE YOUR RESUME: On-Campus Interview schedules will open on September 6. For most of these schedules, employers will require a resume. If you are seeking an internship or full-time position, you’ll want to bring copies of your resume to the Fall Job & Internship Fair on Wednesday, September 28. We have links to resume writing information on our site and will have our first resume workshop on September 13. You can make an appointment to bring in a printed copy of your resume and our staff will review it for you and make recommendations.

GRADUATING? It’s not too early to develop your job search strategy. What kinds of jobs will you be seeking? Geographically where do you hope to find a job? Is your resume set to go? Have you talked with potential references? Given the challenges of today’s job market, having a solid job search plan is always a good move!

Whether you’re seeking more information about majors or careers, writing your first resume, considering graduate school or searching for a job or internship, check out our website or call our office at 920.465.2163 to set up an appointment to discuss your specific questions.

Class of 2010 Graduate Follow-Up Survey

Each year, Career Services conducts the Graduate Follow-Up Survey to determine the status of our graduates regarding employment, graduate study, or other endeavors. The data for the Class of 2010 (December 2009, May 2010 and August 2010 graduates) has been compiled and is available on our website at:   On this page you will be able to view an overview of the survey results, as well as reports by major.   With a 70% response rate for the survey, the Class of 2010 had a 96.4% placement rate.  “Placement rate” is the percent of alumni who reported working, attending graduate/professional school, or are active in the military.

With 2.8% of respondents reporting that they were still seeking employment, the Class of 2010 graduates fared better than the overall national and local averages (unemployment rates ranged from 6.0% to 9.7% between May 2010 and May 2011).   However, some challenges these alumni  faced included finding positions related to their major/desired career field and that it took more time to find a job. Some noted they accepted positions that were not directly related to major due to their geographic preferences (desired location), lack of available positions, or the salary and/or benefits by their employer.

The Marketing & Communication Office of UW-Green Bay provided a great summary of the statistics, available for viewing at

E-MAIL: Things to consider before you hit “send”

How many e-mails do you send during a given day?  While e-mail can be a very convenient and time-saving tool, there are also pitfalls to this form of communication.  In her Wall Street Journal article “Email Etiquette at Work,” Nikita Garia provides advice about the use of email, especially within the work environment.  She covers basic things that we might take for granted, such as proper grammar and spelling, as well as tips to avoid the embarrassment of hitting “reply all” when you only intended one specific recipient to read your message. 

We may be tempted to be less formal when communicating with someone by e-mail; unfortunately this can leave a poor impression about us with the reader.  So, whether you are a current student or recent graduate, consider these guidelines when you are communicating by e-mail to faculty, staff, employers, customers or potential graduate programs.  View the complete article at:

Career Mistakes to Avoid… Now and in the Future

Whether you will be walking across the  stage for Commencement this coming Saturday, or are a student who will be starting an internship this summer, I recommend reading Namrata Dadwal’s short article, “Seven career mistakes you should avoid.”  Dadwal, who writes for The Economic Times, addresses habits, attitudes and behaviors that are viewed negatively within the workplace.

Some of the attitudes she addresses include:

  • I don’t need to be punctual
  • I want everything now
  • I know everything there is to know
  • What’s a network? (Failure to network)

While glancing at this list, some of you may even recognize these attitudes among peers within your own classroom environment! So whether it’s an attitude about how we approach a class or team project, how we present ourselves during our internships, or how we act as we enter the full-time workforce, it’s a subtle reminder that we need to be aware of the image we project to others.   

View the complete article at:

Career Services Names Glen Tilot the 2010 Recruitment Partner of the Year

Glen Tilot, a social worker with Brown County Human Services and 1981 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, was honored as the 2010 Recruitment Partner of the Year by Career Services.

Tilot was presented with the award on Wednesday, Nov. 3, at a reception in the University Union. In receiving this award, Tilot was recognized as a valued partner of the University.

The Recruitment Partner of the Year award is presented annually by UW-Green Bay’s Office of Career Services. Each year an organization or a community member is chosen for the recognition based on exceptional commitment to Career Services’ mission of creating learning opportunities for UW-Green Bay students in their field of study, through internships and other hands-on experiences. Tilot is the first individual to receive this award. Previous winners include: Integrys (2007), Schenck Business Solutions (2008) and the Arthritis Foundation, NE Chapter (2009).

To read more about Glen’s contributions and view pictures from the event, go to:

Six Things to Do Before Your Internship Ends

Perhaps you’re in the final week or two of your summer internship.  This article, authored by Allison Green, provides advice to help you extend the various benefits of your internship.  View the complete article on the U.S. News & World Report web at:

A New Look!

Welcome to the new, improved website for Career Services!  We hope you find the updated site easier to navigate.  Can’t find a page or resource you’ve previously accessed?  Please give us a call 920.465.2163 or drop an e-mail and we can direct you to the right place.

Hot Careers for College Graduates, 2010

The UC San Diego Extension released it’s “Hot Careers for College Graduates: 2010.”  Jobs that top the list include:

1.  Health Information Technology
2.  Clinical Trials Design and Managmenent for Oncology
3.  Data Mining
4.  Embedded Engineering
5.  Feature Writing for the Web
6.  Geriatric Health Care
7.  Mobile Media
8.  Occupational Health and Safety
9.  Spanish/English Translation and Intrepretation
10. Sustainable Business Practices and the Greening of All Jobs
11. Teaching of Adult Learners
12. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
13. Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
14. Health Law

To learn more about each of these fields, view the complete report at