Welcome Back from Career Services!

The spring semester is upon us once again and it’s time to get back into the swing of things.  In all the chaos, Career Services would like to remind students of the amazing programs that will also be happening this semester.  A wide variety of events are planned to help students with anything from writing a resume or cover letter to networking and professionalism. 

The events are as follows:

Feb. 6 – Creating a Resume 101

Feb. 12 – Interview Basics – Make a Great Impression

Feb. 12  – Speed Networking 101

  • Get the opportunity to speak with UWGB alumni about understanding fields, jobs, careers and the basics of professionalism!  Early registration is required.

Feb. 25 – Nuts & Bolts of Professionalism

  • Listen to successful recent alumni and young professionals offer their insights into what mistakes to avoid on your resume, how to use LinkedIn, why networking is important and much more.

Feb. 27 – Spring Job & Internship Fair

Feb. 28 – Don’t Be “That” Candidate – Employer Panel

  • Employer representatives will be available to share stories about what they have experienced screening and interviewing candidates so you can learn what NOT to do as a candidate in the job search. Registration is encouraged.

Mar. 4 – Dine Like a Professional Etiquette Lunch

Mar. 7 – Mock Interview Day

 You can find more information and register for events by signing into your PRO account. If you have additional questions, feel free to check out the Career Services webpage or visit us in Student Services 1600.  We look forward to seeing you!

The Lost Art of Thank You During the Job Search

A frequent comment today from employers focuses around the simple “thank you” from job seekers during the search process and especially following an interview.  Unfortunately it appears that the job seekers who actually send a thank you letter following a job interview are in the minority.  Many years ago, you set yourself apart from the candidate pool when you failed to send a thank you letter.  Today – you are singled out in a positive way when a candidate sends a follow-up thank you letter in the job search.  This is a basic, simple action and often seen as common courtesy – sending a letter or note of thanks to the employer for evaluating your candidacy and allowing you to interview and meet their employees.  It is best to send a targeted thank you letter which focuses on the job and opportunity.  In the letter it is ideal as a candidate to reference a discussion or part of the interview.  This demonstrates your interest and level of connection during the experience. In the thank you letter, take the time to emphasize and point out your skill set and qualifications.  Finally be sure to reiterate your interest in the opportunity.  This thank you letter can be sent by email – which is the more commonly acceptable format today.  However it can be sent via US mail.  Our staff recommends candidates send a professional letter and avoid the personal, handwritten thank you note.  See this article for additional information about the importance of thank you letters here:  http://www.careerrush.com/careerrushblog/1113/why-a-thank-you-letter-after-interview-is-so-important/

A new twist on the “thank you” letter concept is for candidates to send a thank you for a “No” received during a job search.  Once again, this simple act can keep communication going and allow for a long term connection with the organization.  You never know when another opportunity with the organization might open again.  Sometimes candidates hired do not work out for the employer.  A recent online article details why saying thank you for a “No” can be a big benefit to a candidate during the job search.  See the details here:  http://designresumes.com/2013/01/why-to-say-thank-you-for-the-no-when-you-dont-get-the-job/?goback=%2Egde_44583_member_205138013

Staff in Career Services can help you in developing a solid, effective thank you letter.  The most important thing to remember in the job or internship search is to send a thank you letter following an interview.  Take every opportunity you can to keep your candidacy at the forefront for the employer.  Examples and more information are available on our website:  http://www.uwgb.edu/careers/skills/professional-letters-guide.asp#post.