Go Government Webinar Series

Have you considered a career in the federal government?  According to a recent report from the Partnership for Public Service, opportunities for employment are high as an estimated 60,000 federal workers are expected to retire in 2011.  This leaves federal agencies with the task of attracting young, skilled, and educated individuals to replace these retirees.  If they are to maintain the high level of performance required to run the government, job seekers must understand what federal agencies are really looking for.

UWGB Career Services is offering three Go Government webinars in October to any students interested in learning about careers with the federal government.  From finding the right federal job/internship to applying and interviewing, these webinars will provide useful insight into this exciting and competitive field.  Thousands of positions are available in agencies such as Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and many more.  These webinars are designed to help students match positions to their specific skill set and subsequently prepare them for the federal application process.  By using the site USAJOBS.gov, you can also find a search feature that allows you to browse positions by agency, geographical location, or occupation.  For each posting, a description of the job and the educational/training requirement are posted, as well as estimated salary and number of promotional opportunities.  This is a great way to do research before the webinars to get an idea of what federal jobs may be right for you.

The Go Government webinars will be held October 4th, 12th, and 20th.  You can attend any or all of them, and no registration is required.  For information about location and session times, please visit the Career Services Events Calendar.

Another webinar for those interested in public service careers will also be offered in the month of October.  How to Do Well While Doing Good: A College Student’s Guide to Socially Responsible Careers, presented by Donald Asher, will be held on October 13th.

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Ten Common Job Search Errors

When job seekers receive a rejection from an employer – they often don’t receive feedback why they didn’t get the job or internship.  If you find that you are being rejected too often, maybe some corrections need to be made in one or more of the following areas:

 1.      Is your resume letting you down?
If your resume does not stand out, chances of an interview are slim. Make sure your resume is well-written. Seek help if needed.

2.      Are you networking?
Seek out people you know and if they are in your field – let them know you are looking!

3.      Are you using limited job sources to find openings?
Traditional sources are not enough – look online, use multiple job boards and consider social media too!

4.      Are your job search materials off-target?
Customize cover letters and resumes. Jobs seekers who don’t put forth effort in the search are labeled “too lazy to hire”.

5.      Are you treating unemployment as a form of vacation?
Treat your job search like a job, 40 hours/week searching!

6.      Are you well prepared for job interviews?
Do your research! Show your interest and explain how you can meet their needs. Know their services, products, etc.

7.      Are your interview techniques poor?
An interview is not a casual conversation. Practice your interview skills and be prepared for probing, behavioral based questions.

8.      Is your job search too restricted?
You might need to relocate, broaden your commuting range, work for a smaller employer, etc. Define what matters most to you to conduct the widest search possible.

9.      Do you criticize past employers during interviews?
If you spend your time criticizing former employers, you come across negative. Most will rule out hiring you.

10.  Is your appearance professional and strong?
How you dress and carry yourself says a lot about your self-confidence. Formal, professional dress is a must for interviews.

If you are struggling with your job or internship search, be sure to use the various resources provided by Career Services!