Career Mistakes to Avoid… Now and in the Future

Whether you will be walking across the  stage for Commencement this coming Saturday, or are a student who will be starting an internship this summer, I recommend reading Namrata Dadwal’s short article, “Seven career mistakes you should avoid.”  Dadwal, who writes for The Economic Times, addresses habits, attitudes and behaviors that are viewed negatively within the workplace.

Some of the attitudes she addresses include:

  • I don’t need to be punctual
  • I want everything now
  • I know everything there is to know
  • What’s a network? (Failure to network)

While glancing at this list, some of you may even recognize these attitudes among peers within your own classroom environment! So whether it’s an attitude about how we approach a class or team project, how we present ourselves during our internships, or how we act as we enter the full-time workforce, it’s a subtle reminder that we need to be aware of the image we project to others.   

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