Big changes to the GRE this summer

Are you thinking about applying to graduate school?  If you need to take the GRE this year, then you need to know that the GRE is changing this summer.  Starting August 1, 2011, the GRE Revised General Test is replacing the current GRE General Test.

The new version of the GRE will feature a new scoring scale as well as different types of questions in the Verbal and Quantitative sections, placing more focus on reading comprehension and applying concepts to real-life scenarios.  There will also be changes to the design of the test, to make it more user-friendly by allowing you to change answers and skip questions within a section. 

One of the most important things you need to know about this change is how it impacts when you should take the GRE, and which version you will need to take.   If you want your GRE score reported before November, then you will need to take the current version of the test sometime before August.   Starting August 1st, only the GRE Revised General Test will be available, and GRE scores from tests taken in August and September will not be reported until mid-November.

For more information about the changes to the GRE, how to register, and how it will impact you as a test-taker: