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Hot Careers for College Graduates, 2010

The UC San Diego Extension released it’s “Hot Careers for College Graduates: 2010.”  Jobs that top the list include:

1.  Health Information Technology
2.  Clinical Trials Design and Managmenent for Oncology
3.  Data Mining
4.  Embedded Engineering
5.  Feature Writing for the Web
6.  Geriatric Health Care
7.  Mobile Media
8.  Occupational Health and Safety
9.  Spanish/English Translation and Intrepretation
10. Sustainable Business Practices and the Greening of All Jobs
11. Teaching of Adult Learners
12. Teaching English as a Foreign Language
13. Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
14. Health Law

To learn more about each of these fields, view the complete report at http://www.uwgb.edu/careers/BlogLinks/UCS-CareerReport.pdf.