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The Office of Student Life compiles events to be displayed on the Campus Life blog.

Announcements must be submitted electronically to by Wednesday at 4:30.

The weekly announcement will be posted on the blog by Friday morning. The message must include sponsorship and contact information and sender is responsible for all replies, responses and complaints. Announcements will be screened and included at the discretion of the above office. Any opinions expressed in these announcements are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the University.

If you have a disability and would like to request accommodations for any student organization event, please call the Office of Student Life at 465-2220.

MORE DETAILS (things have changed):

All announcements still must be sponsored or co-sponsored by a department or student organization on campus. All announcements must include the name of the sponsoring group as well as contact information – a name and either a phone number or email address in case students have questions. We will only send the email out to students once a week, so plan ahead to make sure that your events and programs aren’t missed.

Now, you may be asking…what’s different? We have gone from an email full of events with different fonts and colors to an email with a link to the new Campus Life blog. Students will receive a weekly email on Friday with the link to that week’s “Quick Look” blog post (which includes links to all blog posts for the week). You will notice the font for all of the announcements is the same and there are no colors. So, from now on when submitting events, please use a regular size font and NO colors (yes, ironic this blurb is bold and red). When we copy and paste the announcement into the blog, it will reformat your announcement to fit, but it doesn’t respond to large fonts or colors. Try to keep the length of your announcement to 15 lines or less. Also, please DO NOT use any graphics or pictures. Please double check your event information and be sure to include the name of the event, date, time and location along with other pertinent information.