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College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

New book on wellness by Psychology/Human Development faculty and alumni

Professor Regan A.R. Gurung of Psychology and Human Development is the editor of the new book Multicultural Approaches to Health and Wellness in America, published by Praeger.  It includes chapters by two UW-Green Bay faculty colleagues, Kristin Vespia and Dean Von Dras, and by three alumni of the Psychology program, Pilar Gauthier of the Menominee Nation, Class of 2009; Angela Roethel (Wendorf), Class of 2007; and Kate Florer, Class of 2012. The two-volume hardcover, 672 pages in all, explores the reality that a growing number of Americans do not solely use Western medicine. The chapters explore cultural variations in health and sickness practices, and delve into health practices such as Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine that focuses on the body, the sense organs, the mind, and the soul; traditional Chinese medicine; and others.

Alison Staudinger awarded NEH grant and selected as NEH “Summer Scholar”

Assistant Professor Alison Staudinger, Democracy and Justice Studies, has been awarded a $22,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities through the NEH Enduring Question program.  Staudinger will devote parts of the next two summers to developing a course on the enduring topic of why people work and what it means to the individual and to society. Staudinger’s proposal, “Why Work?” considers the role of labor in human life as a core political and existential issue, which students will explore through readings in political philosophy, history and literature, and by developing a community-based oral history project.

Professor Staudinger was also chosen as a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholar.   She will participate in an institute titled “Reconsidering Flannery O’Connor,” a four-week program held at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA.  Staudinger is one of approximately 437 summer scholars.

Franklin Chen receives UW-System Applied Research Grant

Associate Professor Franklin Chen, Natural and Applied Sciences (Chemistry), received an Applied Research Grant from UW-System for $42,641 for 2014-15. Chen’s project, titled “Chemically modified waste paper for biopolymer based soil conditioner as a replacement for petroleum based soil conditioner for lawn and garden products” will explore whether proposed new technology is better than existing solutions.

13th Academic Excellence Symposium highlights student research and creative activities

The 13th annual Academic Excellence Symposium took place April 10 on campus.  The mid-day fair in the University Union’s Phoenix Room was a chance for leading student researchers to display and explain their work and for talented artists and vocalists to share their talent.  Visitors throughout the day included faculty, administrators, fellow students and even some proud parents and grandparents.

List of Academic Excellence Symposium projects, students, faculty advisers:

Billy Wenner: A Slow Degrade
Billy Wenner
Kristy Deetz, Art and Design

The Effect of Mediator Power on Communication Apprehension and Empowerment of Parties
Samantha Greener, Derick Wollner
Adolfo Garcia, Information and Computing Science

Nonprofit Adaption and Innovation: Responses to the Increased Need for Services
Paula Miller
Lora Warner, Public and Environmental Affairs

Fine Arts
Randall Tranowski
David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs

Fostering A Customer Service Culture
Mallory Woloszyk
David Radosevich, Business Administration

Understanding the Relationship Between Voter Turnout, Income and Education in Wisconsin
Kristine Alvarez
Aaron Weinschenk, Public and Environmental Affairs

Jane Eyre and Victorian Era Women
Gillian Evanoff
Brian Sutton, Humanistic Studies

Effects of Music on Cardiovascular and Galvanic Skin
Gail Feldkamp, Ryan Hass
Craig Hanke, Human Biology

Transient Series
Lauren Sinner
Carol Emmons, Alison Gates, Art and Design

After School Care for Students with Special Education Needs
Samantha Zweerink
Jenell Holstead, Human Development

Is There a Relationship Between Academics and Bullying?
Kaelee Heideman
Kristin Vespia, Human Development

Testing a Way to Counter Fat Talk on Body Image
Elisabeth Gehrke
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

Ant-mediated Seed Dispersal of Three Wildflowers in the Cofrin Arboretum
Linda Vang
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences

Gateways to Phirst Year Success: Navigating College by Building Relationships
Hannah Blum, Marleigh Fiedler, Ashley Grant, Jordan Grapentine, Katie Hobbs, Alex Wilson
Denise Bartell, Human Development

Nature Pictures and Stress Reduction
Amarra Bricco
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Human Development

A Comparison of Nutrients and Phytoplankton in Lake Winnebago, the Lower Fox River, and the Bay of Green Bay
Nicole Beauchaine, Kelly O’Malley, Alison Schaefer
Michael Zorn, Environmental Science and Policy

Service-Learning in French
Jenalee Hoch, Rachel Long, Jeremy Nji, Alexander Opgenorth, Nicole Phillips, Sarah Ward
E. Nicole Meyer, Humanistic Studies

Nutrition Educator at St. Joseph Food Program
Holly Plamann
Sara Schmitz, Human Biology

Sports Nutrition Internship
Alicia Slusarek
Sara Schmitz, Human Biology

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay Internships
Caleb Cheslock, Megan Leonard
Ellen Rosewall, Art and Design

Energy Efficiency at Aurora BayCare Medical Center
Jacob Eggert
John Arendt, John Katers, John Stoll, Environmental Science and Policy

Decentralizing Traditional Computational Control in Distributed Particle Simulations
Shawn Snyder
Peter Breznay, Information and Computing Science

The Integration of IPads in a Nature-based 4K Classroom
Kayla Hucke, Nicole Phillips
Scott Ashmann, Education; Jennifer Lanter, Human Development

Child Play: A Study of Parent and Child Plural Production
Kayla Hucke, Nicole Phillips
Jennifer Lanter, Human Development

Analyzing the Versatility of the Bradford Protein Assay
Lauren O’Dell
Warren Johnson, Human Biology

Learning Practices Among College Students
Brianna Bartoszewski, Megan DeKeyser, Elisabeth Gehrke, Kayla Klemm, Breanna-Rose Olson, Jennifer Panske
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

The Influence of Family and Sex Education on Sexual Debut
Rebecca Senn
Christine Smith, Human Development

Dressed to Present: Ratings of Classroom Presentations Vary with Attire
Laura Kempen, Kayla Klemm, Rebecca Senn, Carolyn Wysocki
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

Can Altering Emotional States Prior to Concentration Tasks Disrupt Performance?
Brianna Bartoszewski, Megan DeKeyser, Elisabeth Gehrke, Kayla Klemm, Breanna Olson, Jennifer Panske
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

Effects of Music on Perceived Exertion During Exercise
Nick Burgraff, Brenda Peebles
Craig Hanke, James Marker, Human Biology

Comparison of Invertebrate Litter Samples Between Experienced and Inexperienced Collectors
Thomas Purdom
Michael Draney, Environmental Science and Policy

Micro-Computer Vehicle Diagnostic Tool “Truck-Berry”
Douglas Tober
Peter Breznay, Information and Computing Science

An Analysis of Trust Lost in An Insider Privacy Breach
Benjamin Lindberg
Gaurav Bansal, Business Administration

Rapid Assessment of Avifauna in Panamanian Forests and Suburban Habitats
Stephanie Beilke
Michael Draney, Vicki Medland, Environmental Science and Policy

Resource Recovery Methods Feasibility Study for Brown County
Kyle Sandmire
John Arendt, John Katers, Environmental Science and Policy

Policy Analysis of Mitigating the Declining Pollinator Population of Wisconsin
Elizabeth Ledvina
David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs

Are Fitness Blogs Hurting Attitudes Toward Exercise and Our Bodies?
Brianna Bartoszewski, Megan DeKeyser, Elisabeth Gehrke, Kayla Klemm, Breanna Olson, Jennifer Panske
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

Jump Shot Mathematics
Brianna Messner
Greg Davis, Natural and Applied Sciences

The Portrayal of Media Regarding Obesity
Brianna Bartoszewski, Megan DeKeyser, Elisabeth Gehrke, Kayla Klemm, Jennifer Panske
Regan AR Gurung, Human Development

40 Differences and Similarities in Economic Rhetoric: Obama, Reagan, and FDR
Paul Ahrens
Alison Staudinger, Democracy and Justice Studies

Efforts Toward the Synthesis of Obolactone
Gregg Fredrickson, Tera Parker
Julie Wondergem, Natural and Applied Sciences


Lindsay Cummings
Sarah Meredith-Livingston, Music

Charles Reimer
Sarah Meredith-Livingston, Music

Vocal Performance
Tori Schuurmans
Sarah Meredith-Livingston, Music

Kevin Wellens
Sarah Meredith-Livingston, Music

Leah LaMalfa
Sarah Meredith-Livingston, Music