Registration Process

What do I do once I find an internship?

A thank you letter to the internship organization is a nice professional touch.  If you would like to receive academic credit for your internship complete the following steps:

  1. Make a paper copy of your internship job description. The job description should be on company letterhead and include the company name, address, phone, and the name of your immediate supervisor for the internship. Contact Pat Albers ( to review the job description and determine if the internship qualifies for credit.
  2. Print out and complete the internship form found at the registrar’s web page                   Registrar Form  Instructor Approved Internship Registration (For Internships Only)
    Print only Form   Faculty approved Internship courses
  3. Have your internship supervisor sign the internship proposal form and include your supervisor’s phone # and email address.
  4. Contact Pat Albers to schedule an appointment to approve the internship proposal form if appropriate.
  5. Obtain the Cofrin School of Business chair’s signature on proposal form.
  6. Bring the completed form with the job description attached to the Registrar’s office. If the internship credits put you in an overload situation, you will need to meet with your advisor to fill out a credit overload form. If your advisor approves, you will be able to add the internship credits.

Once you have submitted the internship proposal form to the Registrar’s office, you should be all set.  You can access the syllabus on the course D2L site.