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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Point au Sauble Bird Sightings

Baseline research at Point au Sauble began in 1999 with funding from an endowment donated by the Fox River Group. Even though Point au Sauble is widely recognized as one of the only remaining wetlands on the east side of Green Bay, little was known about this ecosystem and its biota. Bird banding and surveys are being conducted to understand how birds use the Point during the nesting and migration seasons. Surveys on other vertebrates and invertebrates of Point au Sauble will be conducted during future years to provide a more complete picture of the fauna in this unique area.

Students Nick Walton and Erin Gnass will be conducting surveys this spring and reporting them to the blog. Stay tuned.

Archives from 1999 and 2004 are reported on the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity website.

A complete list of birds seen at Pt. au Sauble is avaliable at the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity.