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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Photographs from April 28, 2010 by Erin Gnass

Here are a few photographs taken by graduate student, Kari Hagenow. Thank you very much for letting us share these with everyone.

Nick & I were lucky enough to have a few of the undergraduate & graduate students from the Ornithology class join us for our weekly point counts. Ashley Fehrenbach, Erin Gnass, Nick Walton, & Aaron Groves (from left to right) (Kari Hagenow is not pictured here).

Nick Walton and Erin Gnass

Nick Walton and Erin Gnass

Nick and I performed a point count with the assistance of Aaron Groves, Ashley Fehrenbach, and Kari Hagenow (not pictured here).

An American White Pelican, which we regularly find flying close to shore or over the Point while we survey

Additional photographs taken by me (Erin Gnass):

Ashley Fehrenbach

Kari Hagenow, Aaron Groves, & Nick Walton (from left to right)