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Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

Buenas tarde!

Hello to everyone back in the frigid land of Wisconsin. Not to rub it in but I would like to update you on the weather we’ve been having. One word, beautiful. Warm (~80’s) and lots of sun. A little rain here and there and humidity that would give a balding man an afro. Despite the wonderful weather we still manage to get some things done here in Bocas. So far the highlights for me begin with the trip to the bat cave with Maurice. Besides his extensive knowledge of bats this guy can really traverse a cave. Accessing the second cave we went to was quite the adventure. We had to wade through a creek up to a small concrete dam which we scaled and then grasped onto a rock/fern/dirt/palm covered wall to avoid a 5 ft pool of water.  To my disappointment no one fell into the water (I made a statement that whoever failed to traverse the obstacle had to buy everyone a beer the next night). The caves bats, spiders and whip scorpions were all amazing sights to see. Hopefully we can get some of the many photos we’ve been taking up on the site.

Today was filled with snorkeling and glass bottom boat rides to survey the megafauna of the seafloor. And with Sebastians excellent piloting skills we completed our surveys, watched some dolphins and made it back with an hour to spare before lunch.

Hope WI is getting lots of snow!

Adios!         Steve


  1. Sue says...

    Leave it to Steve to come up with a challenge involving a beer! Great to read all of your blogs. Thanks for using some of your precious time to inform us of what you’re accomplishing. Even though it might embarrass Steve, this is his mom, Sue. Looking forward to pictures!

  2. Vicki says...

    Mike did get water in his boots, when he hit his head on the cave wall. Does that count?