Bus Adm 350 – Overall Course Reflection (Summer 2015)

18 thoughts on “Bus Adm 350 – Overall Course Reflection (Summer 2015)

  1. Overall, I believe that the class was very helpful and taught me very many useful skills that will help me at my job, at school, and in my future career. Previous to this class I did not do a lot of work in the other Word programs besides Word itself. Getting to learn more about PowerPoint, Excel, Access and even Word was very stimulating. The class also taught me some very useful skills that I can use to prevent against identity theft which is a growing trend. It also went into specifics on how to protect your computer from malware and fraud. One of the main things was not to open up pop ups ever because they contain malware and cookies. Also, only give your information out online if there is a lock in the bar where the link is located because that means that the website is secure. I would recommend this class to anyone in college. This class also taught us the history behind computers and basic netiquette. Not only does it help when you a business major it will help with all the classes that need to be taken in college. It could also help you learn more about your computer that most, it not all students have for college.

  2. I would say that I found this course to be one of the most interesting classes that I have taken thus far in my UWGB college career. We have learned so many different tricks and techniques that I will be able to use both in my career and personal life. This course has taught me how to properly form a document in word, properly create an excel spreadsheet, how to make a properly functioning power point show, and how to run queries in access. It taught us how to complete all of those things in a fun way that encouraged use to want to continue learning. The hands on learning experience were TOP NOTCH and I would recommend this course to everyone in the future. The projects were a great way to test our skills. In word I learn how to properly align each paragraph and how to place a pictures in a word document so it does not affect the alignment of the rest of the paper. I will use all of the techniques that I learned in my career life because I work in sales, which use Microsoft office programs, all day everyday. I used word to right emails and send messages. I use power point to present new products in presentation to the clients, and I use excel to better expand sales numbers to my customers and my bosses. The only downfall of the course is the lack of full control while using a apple computer. It is nice that I can still take the course by using remote login, but it would be nice if apple products had the full function ability that the window based computers have. Overall I have truly enjoyed taking this class and would definitely recommend this course to EVERYONE in the future.

  3. From this course, I learned about various modern technologies, like desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. I learned about blogs, wikis, and search engines. I also learned about how technology has affected education, entertainment, government, and business. I learned about identity theft, phishing, firewalls, virus protection software, cyberbullying and internet etiquette. I learned about digital safety and security, discovering how to identify threats and defend myself against them. I also learned how to use various Microsoft Office products: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. I liked learning new tricks in MS Word; I’ve been using the program for years and it was neat to discover there is much more the software is capable of. The Excel training will be very useful in the future. I’m planning on using Excel for Managerial Accounting homework next semester. It seems easy to use a spreadsheet to put together budgets, rather than composing them and doing calculations by hand. Speaking to accounting professionals, I’m learning that a working knowledge of Excel is absolutely essential; they use it on a daily basis for their work. I will use the knowledge and skills I learned in the textbook chapters and with the Microsoft Office SAM exercises for individual, academic and career tasks in the future.

  4. This class was very fun and teaching for me. I love spending my time online on my computer and this class taught me how to use computer properly. I think this class will help me with my business career with everything I learned. Also, it showed me how to use computer securely.

  5. Thank you Dr. Bansal!! I learned so much through the SAM trainings; I’m not even sure where to begin! The chapter for “WORD,” I was confident that I already knew everything it was going to show me, as Word is something I’ve used daily for many years, but I was surprised to find myself learning how to tweak a few more document layout functions that I previously never even knew existed.
    With the Excel trainings, I learned and find myself retaining so much more than I thought I would. For example, I never would have attempted a projection report or what-if analysis before; as I had no idea these capabilities were possible without first going through an Access database.
    It was my first introduction to Access and I went into it very nervous, but the SAM trainings along with the textbook really help me feel confident in the process. I learn best by using a program often and kind of playing around in it. Through the trainings I received in Access this course.
    I was able to build a yearly budget database on my PC. I can’t wait to play in it and query out different reports, tables, groupings, etc… I of course want these database skills for analysis in my future law career!
    Technology has opened up so many things to me that I never felt I was capable of before, and/or, just wasn’t able to attempt (like my college degree), because of time/money/job restraints, I can’t wait to see what else opens up in the next 20 years. Thank you so much for taking a scary unknown, (i.e. fx’s, formula’s, database creation), and turning into a very pleasurable experience!

  6. Over the last four weeks I have really enjoyed this class. I will admit in the beginning I was not sure how much I liked it because I felt like I already knew everything about Word and PowerPoint however, I found the Excel refresher helpful and enjoyed learning about Access. There even were a few new things I learned about Word and PowerPoint that I was not aware of before that will make things a little bit easier. I also thought the paper was really interesting and things that we all need to be aware of. I think all of the programs we learned about will be very important in our futures in the professional world. These four programs are very basic programs that most employers expect you to know. I know that I will be putting this course on my resume under “Related Coursework” when I start applying for internships again.

  7. This course was incredibly important to my development and use of business computer applications. I look to have a career in communication. In this field writing, presentation and database work are used. Throughout school I have heavily used Word (as have many others, I am sure) and PowerPoint. I was able to utilize new techniques that were mainly focused on design. We never really learn how to use this so it was good to learn more about it. Visual appeal is critical in my field.

    I have used Excel sparingly in school, but have never used Access. So learning more about Excel and finally learning about Access was incredibly valuable. As with Word and PowerPoint, Access and Excel are critical to various areas of my field.

    The general learning about networking and other aspects was also valuable. I really enjoyed the projects.

    Overall, everything will be valuable to my life and career!

  8. Reflecting back on this course it made me realize how important it is to be comfortable with Microsoft Office and how important it is to treat electronics with respect. I am fully aware that I will one day be using Microsoft Office in the workforce and this class definitely enabled me to be prepared for that. Not only will it enable me to be comfortable with the program but this class will enable me to be aware of computer ethics and how computers should be properly used. Reflecting back on this course also made me realize how important technology is in our lives and that we need to treat technology with respect in order to obtain a more peaceful life. Misusing an electronic device and enabling yourself to be harmed by another person is a big issue in this world today. With technology becoming popular throughout the world we all must be educated in how to properly use electronic devices so that we do not cause harm to ourselves, our peers, and to the earth. This class truly opened my eyes to technology and its pros and cons. I think you did a great job with this course and you were great at guiding me when I had questions. You also answered my questions in a timely fashion. Thank you Professor.

  9. Overall I thought Business Computer Applications was a helpful course and will teach me valuable lessons while at work or when using a personal computer. The amount of time needed to complete the trainings and exams was reasonable. Being able to watch the trainings really helped me prepare for the exams and know exactly how I should do things. I liked how the exams were exactly like the trainings because I just had to focus on remembering how to complete the tasks and learn more about the programs. The discussions were interesting and introduced me to new ideas and inventions. Most of the technology I had never heard about so it was cool seeing what people were able to research. I liked how there were discussions for questions concerning any part of the course because sometimes I would go there and someone would already have a question I had had answered. This online class had a good amount of peer contact, even more than some regular classes, and everyone was really helpful. I can use my knowledge of computer ethics to keep my laptop safe from malware and personal access. I am very glad I took this class because I had limited knowledge on computers and now know the basic programs and ways to keep my computer safe.

  10. Overall, this class was a great learning experience. Offering this course online over the summer made it a great opportunity to take up a class that I could benefit from and was “do able” in the 4 weeks of time we were given. Microsoft Word and Excel basically a review for me as I was pretty comfortable with the concepts that we learned from previous experiences I’ve encountered with them over my past years of education. When it came to Microsoft Access, it was a whole different scenario. I have had no experience at all with Microsoft Access so it was all new. At first, it was quite confusing getting the hang of how the program worked and what it was all capable of doing. After digging into the program, I’m pretty sure that this class only scratched the surface at what Microsoft Access has to offer to users. I like that this class was self-paced, but it had deadlines to keep you on track. I feel that I will more than likely be using Word, Excel, and Access in my future career so this class was a great refresher/introducer to Microsoft programs.

    While preparing my ethics assignment, I came across many new things that I had not known before. I’ve always heard the term “ethics” before, but have never put it in the context of ethics in technology or computers. I’ve learned that computer ethics plays a role in everyone’s life today as computers and technology are everywhere today. Computer ethics has come a long way since the first computers have come out. With help from technology advancements in the past few years, I think that computer ethics have changed significantly. Computer ethics have become more intense with the amount of things one can do on a computer today. The internet plays a huge role in computer ethics, too. As technology keeps progressing, computers and the internet are going to have a greater and greater impact on society. It will be interesting to see how computer ethics will change, and just ethics in general will change, over the next few years as technology continues to progress.

  11. Overall I think this was a great class to take during the summer. Took up the boring times and I was still able to do the things I enjoyed during the summer. Word, Power Point, Excel, and Access were all thoroughly explained and comprehendible thanks to Sam Cengage training and exams. I really enjoyed reading and doing research on the ethics paper and wish to learn more about computer ethics. Computer ethics has always been a topic in the back of my head since I use technology so often but actually researching the topic was very eyeopening to how terrible and oblivious people can be when it comes to exposing theirs or someone else’s personal information.

  12. Overall I thought the ethics assignment was very helpful. I had never heard the term computer ethics before, but I understood what the concept was once I read the definition. I had no idea computer ethics had been around for so long and that there were tons of books and articles on it. It was interesting to think about what computer ethics really is. Having to really think about how people use computer ethics today was eye opening. When I really thought about it there are a lot of people who do not use computer ethics. I learned how important it is to use computer ethics every time your using the internet. I think this will be very useful in my career. It is always important to use ethics in the business world and it is even more important to use ethics on the computer because once something is on the internet you can never really get rid of it.
    I found this course to be extremely helpful. In my career I will be working with computer and different computer application, especially excel, so this course was great. I knew the basics of how to use word and excel and powerpoint, but now I know how to do some more advanced things and short cuts for others. Excel was the most helpful for me because that was the application I knew the least about, but the one I will use the most in my future. Powerpoint was also very helpful because now I can add for advanced features to my presentations. It was also interesting to learn all the computer vocabulary. Most of those words I have never heard of before, so it was new and interesting for me. Overall I think this course taught me a lot of useful information that I will use in my career and my life.

  13. I learned a lot more about Microsoft programs in this class over the past few weeks. I had originally thought that I had a fairly good understanding of Microsoft Word before I begun the assignments, but there was a lot of functions that I was unaware of. For example, I never took advantage of the reference function for my papers until I wrote my ethics paper. I never realized that was available to me and I found it to be very useful especially to keep track of all of my sources. I know that I will definitely utilize this feature for all of my upcoming essays this school year.

    I really enjoyed learning more about how to use Excel. That was the biggest thing that I wanted to learn in this class and I have already put my knowledge to good use. After completing the assignments, I knew how to navigate around Excel much better which really helped me at my job. I can already tell that I am working in Excel more efficiently than I used to and I think my boss noticed the difference too!

    It is clear that this knowledge will benefit me in my education and career because it is already doing so. These skills will really help me to find a good job after graduation because they will make me more marketable as a potential job candidate. I can’t wait to continue to work in these programs to learn more and improve my skills even further!

  14. Before I signed up for this course, I had been told many times by many people how much of a time commitment an online class would be. I didn’t realize how right they were, until the class began! Not only did this class teach me the computer concepts it was meant to teach, but it also taught me how to manage my time wisely – even if my time management was not so wise at times. I learned basically everything I know about Excel and Access from this course. (Especially Access – I knew absolutely nothing about Access before this course.) I learned how to use the formulas in those programs, which was the most intriguing to me, because before this course I was guilty of plugging all the numbers into my calculator. I also became more familiar in utilizing a datasheet in general. In addition, the SmartArt in Word was interesting to me. I had never thought to utilize that concept before!

    Time management is a skill that would be very useful in my career and life for obvious reasons. Finally, in my life right now, I go to work, come home, and jot down my hours and the money I made in a simple, lined notebook. Whenever I want to know how much I’ve made for the summer thus far, I use a calculator to add up the total. Now that I know how to use Excel, I’ve found a much easier and more streamlined way to document these things!

  15. When I found out I was required to take a business class I got very nervous, and then to find out it was only a four-week long online class, enhanced those feelings. I have never taken a business class before, but I felt fairly comfortable using Microsoft Programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, so I thought, “How hard can it be.” I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I actually really enjoyed this course and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I learned new ways to use features on Microsoft programs that I never even knew existed and even learned a whole new program, Access.

    We discussed topics like data breaches and saw how many people are affected by identity and other personal information theft each year. We also read about Internet and computer safety measures, which was extremely eye opening! One of my favorite units was researching how technology has evolved to benefit people with disabilities living in our communities, and make their lives a little easier.

    I really liked the SAM website that we used to complete trainings and exams. This site allowed us to watch step-by-step tutorials before completing the exams, which were very similar to the trainings.

    I learned so much in these past four weeks that will definitely give me an advantage in the future!

  16. I was nervous to take this class however, I learned a lot! I thought I knew a lot about Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel but there was so much I learned that I did not know. I was blown away by how much you can accomplish on these programs. I knew nothing about Microsoft Access before I started this class. It was great to get to know a new program that I may one day need. That programs I found to be the most difficult therefore I am glad we learned it last. I found the chapters from the book to be most difficult. It was time consuming and I got confused easily. If I did not know many of those terms already, I think I would have been completely lost. I loved that there were training sessions and then the exams. It was a great way to study and get the material down before taking the exam. It was hard to cram everything into four weeks. However, the way that everything was laid out made it easy to know what was due and went. This allowed me to plan my assignments accordingly. Overall, I enjoyed this class a lot! I feel more prepared for my other classes and for future assignments!

  17. I was excited to join this course. And now, I am excited too because I learned many new concepts from this course. Such as, how to protect your private information better, how do we surface the internet safety, and some items about the computer. Even there are some concepts I do not understand well. But I still think this course in helpful for my current study and my future career. Most of us work on our school homework with our computer. In the future, we may also need to work our jobs with our computer too. This course explains the most items about how the computer consist of, how do we have to be safe communicate with friends on the social media. In addition, this course also training us basic Microsoft office software skills which we will use a lot in our school homework and future career. Those four of the MS Software are most popular and we use most, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. I use Excel most often. But my major goal of this class is to learn Access. And I got it, and I do think Access is most useful one. In conclusion, I like this course. And it is useful and helpful for every one of us.

  18. I am really happy that I took this class because I really learned a lot that I will be able to use in my future career. Before this class, I was absolutely rotten at Excel and had never even heard of Access. Now I feel comfortable with using Excel in other classes and in my career one day. Excel is such an important part of my future career and I am ecstatic that I can feel comfortable using this.

    One thing that I really loved about this class were the tutorials on the SAMS website. Although they were time consuming at times, they really were worth doing and made me feel successful after all trainings I did. They were great for preparing me for the exams and then the projects. Even though this class was only a four-week class, I really learned a lot of new things about computers and their applications that I know I will need for the rest of my career and maybe even the rest of my life!

    I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to better themselves with Microsoft Office or plans on a career that involves a component/components of Microsoft Office. I learned a lot from this class and I’m happy I took it!

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