Bus Adm 350 – Overall Course Reflection (WinterIM Jan 2015)

3 thoughts on “Bus Adm 350 – Overall Course Reflection (WinterIM Jan 2015)

  1. Taking this course had many advantages to my overall college career. It increased my knowledge in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint while also giving me a basic understanding of Access of which I can increase my knowledge further from. Not only did I expand on my knowledge of the Microsoft Office Software, I was also able to learn some computer basics. I had a fair knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office before this course, but I was still able to learn many things. I was able to learn about the different types of malware and ways I can prevent my computer from getting infected. There were basic things that I had already known, but I was able to increase my understanding of why certain things are as they are. My favorite thing to learn about during this class was more of the IT basics rather than Microsoft Office. I have always been fascinated by computers and all the things they are able to do, and this class gave me more insight into IT. This course will have many uses later on in my career and life. I can’t think of many places to work that wouldn’t utilize computers or the Microsoft Office suite. The concepts that this course taught are almost essential concepts to everybody later on in life. This course gave me a solid knowledge base that I will be able to further expand on later in my education career and my life. I am sure there is much more to learn about IT concepts and Microsoft Office, but this was just the beginning of a path to learn as much as I can.

  2. This computer course was a great class for me to take. I thought I had a lot of background in Microsoft word and power point, specifically, and some knowledge of excel, but it turns out there was a lot more to learn! I am already using what I have learned in these programs on a daily basis at my job. I feel a lot more comfortable in excel than I ever had before. Microsoft access was completely new to me, so it was really nice to be able to explore that program and learn what it is all about. At first I didn’t understand the big difference between Excel and Access, but now that I have worked in access it is clearer to me. As for the information technology section of the course, I feel as though it has helped me out tremendously. At the beginning of the course I stated that this was the area that I was the most excited to learn about because it was where I felt I was the most lacking. The way that the course was set up I felt like I learned a whole bunch about information technology. One of the biggest things were the different types of identifications you can use to secure your devices. Also, I was really excited to learn about the different kinds of malware and I can now differentiate between things like phishing, worms, spyware, ect. In general this was a really interesting class and it actually kept me interested. The skills I learned I know will be beneficial to me throughout the rest of my life.

  3. New things I learnt were all of Access which was great to learn! Another thing I learned was how to import videos in power point and edit how they interact with the presentation. What I liked most and what was most intriguing was Access, probably because I did not ever use it and it was all new to me. I have been using Excel and Power Point for many years and it was a great refresher to review the updates and go over the older functions. Access is new to me and it was great to learn the way SAM presented it. Power Point and Excel have been great tools to me as a student over my many years as a student and also in my professional life. Access I have not yet utilized but I know people in my business/company that use it all the time. Microsoft Office is a necessity as a student and in professional roles and other program writers know that and use similar keys and shortcuts. The reason why I brought that up is because I work with a program kind of like Access but is structured for the business I am in and it is called SAP. Both SAP and access use an * as a hot key or auto filler. I do not use SAP everyday but I use it every once and a wile and I tried the * and sure enough it worked just like it does in Access. I would/have recommend this course to a friend because of the thoroughness it brings for all users. I put the time and effort in gaining everything I could and I feel very confident in using the programs.

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