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  1. Learning more about computer ethics was very helpful for myself. There was an article I read on D2L that gave me some information about the history of computers. There were basic rules set forth by a computer scientist for people to follow but they were not. Years after another scientist came up with some computer ethics and published a book on it and spoke to others about it. It was about the basic ways to act when you are on the computer. If you can hack into someone’s computer when you are halfway across the world and hurt them, there is no way to say that they will not react using force and violence that the expense of lives. Therefore, whenever someone is on a computer basic netiquette and computer ethics should be used every single time.

  2. Writing this paper on computer ethics, I learned about some key figures in the development of computer ethics. I learned about Norbert Wiener, Donn Parker, Walter Maner, and James Moor. I also learned about Krystyna Gorniak-Kocikowska and Deborah Johnson, who had different visions of the future of computer ethics. I also read some articles on JSTOR and learned about some problems and ethical dilemmas related to computing, such as privacy protection and workplace issues. I learned about several nations’ varying ethical attitudes with regard to computer ethics; one thing I learned is that eastern and western opinions regarding copyright protection can be very different. I also learned how an individual placed in an ethical situation related to computer technology can be influenced by various factors. These factors are the individual’s personal experiences and opinions, consideration of what his co-workers would do, and his expectation of what his organization might sanction. Computer ethics are inevitably going to come into play if one works in an office environment, so I see what I learned in this paper being very useful to my future career. We should all strive to practice strong computer ethics; I feel, writing this paper, I have been educated on concepts I can utilize in my personal life going forward.

  3. The ethics word assignment was very interesting and I definitely learned a great deal. Having to write this assignment opened my eyes to the conflicts and issues about technology. I knew that there were problems when it came to technology but I did not know that it was such a problem that we now have classes being taught about computer ethics. Most of us ignore the issues that arise with technology and it made me think about the things I do on the computer. Yes, I will not lie I have checked my Facebook on a company computer when I should not have. Now I will think twice about these kinds of behaviors. I think this will be useful in my career because I have learned a lot about the difference between company and personal computers. The major example that stuck out to me was that you should not store personal information on computers that are not yours especially if many employees go through those computers. This has opened my eyes to the issues we already have and that is getting me prepared for the future. I know new issues will arise as technology progresses and having to research the current issues has prepared me for the future.

  4. I found the ethics assignment really interesting. One thing that I found particularly interesting was that computer ethics has been a topic of discussion since the 1940’s. When I initially thought of computer ethics I assumed that this was a new branch of ethics given that in the last 10-15 years computers and technology have become so heavily apart of our daily life. I think learning about computer ethics will definitely be important in my future or really, anyone’s! One of the big issues that affects everyday people is that of privacy and no matter who you are, it is important you know how to protect your information when it is online. I know one of the reasons people were very hesitant to online banking in the beginning, and some still are, is because of very important personal information being online. The biggest thing I took away from this assignment was that it is so important to make sure I am staying up to date on what new threats there may be or new ways to prevent existing threats.

  5. This assignment allowed me to learn more about computer ethics in general. I was able to learn more about the issues with computers and technology in today’s world from a personal, business, and societal standpoint. Specifically, I learned that there is an ethical issue with computers regarding people’s health. For example, using a computer repetitively may cause issues like carpal tunnel. Additionally, staring at a computer screen for too long can strain the eyes. These are things that individuals need to be aware of especially since we use so much technology today.

    I also learned more about the ethical issue of cyberbullying. This has become increasingly more common today and it seems that it is increasing the bullying rate. Cyberbullying is unfortunate because it allows the bullies to hide behind a screen. Also, it is difficult for the victims to escape because of all the technology that is used today.

    What I learned regarding this assignment is very useful for my career and overall life because it allowed me to take on a new perspective and look at the issues that surface with computers and technology. After completing this assignment, I feel more aware of even the simplest things that can occur due to technology.

  6. For starters, I was a little concerned at first with how I would work Word concepts into the paper. For me, it helped a lot to write the entirety of the paper and use the content to determine what Word elements I would utilize. When I finally came around to using Word concepts, I was fiddling around with different ideas and discovered that there seemed to be endless options of tables, charts, formats, pictures, you name it. There were SO many different directions that this paper could have been taken. Using an outline helped tremendously to simplify the process and create a direct path. I think the greatest takeaway had to do with organization. The way a person sets up a paper – finding sources, creating an outline, etc. – can be the same skills he or she uses in a future career or for life in general. Whether it be eliminating numerous alternative options, finding a narrow direction in a broad topic, or creating the time to complete the task, all of these skills are important for many aspects of life.

  7. After reading the article provided on d2l and also doing some additional research, I realized how important an understanding of computer ethics is. The way we use computers today allows us access to vast amounts of information but it is important that we all understand how to safely use this access to the information. Computer ethics will become increasingly more important as we engage in more global interaction so that everybody can understand what is ethically correct to do while using a computer for interaction. Doing my research about computer ethics really surprised me because of the money things that could go wrong. There is access to confidential information out there and if people don’t understand basic computer ethics, that confidential information could get leaked to the wrong people and end in bad situations. With all the information that we have online, it is necessary that we respect people’s right to privacy and not distribute their information against their wishes. It is also necessary that we understand what cybercrime is and how to make sure that what we are doing is not a violation of the law. Technology keeps expanding every day and with that comes new obstacles that we have never seen before. Computer ethics will set a basis for the correct manner to overcome these obstacles which will allow us to keep expanding our use of technology. In the world of technology we live in today, it is important that we have these guidelines for problems that we encounter because that will allow us to keep expanding our technology.

  8. Computer ethics is becoming big in todays society because of technology. I learned that moral decisions from myself and others plays the role of right or wrong in computer ethics. Many moral decisions come up when using the Internet. Some people have the knowledge of hacking computers or mobile devices to get information from other. We have people that steal copyrights. Some copyright infringements are piracy and include downloading movies, music, software and games over the Internet. Many people don’t pay for these downloads. Allowing millions of dollars stolen from artists and company’s.

    From our reading I learned that many well rounded people came up with their thoughts about ethics in computers when computers were nothing big at that time. All being right we have less privacy and our moral decisions conduct our life when using computers and phones.

    My moral decisions in work places will help me later with my career. I will have access to a computer all the time since I want to be an accountant. So I need to know that any information that are for myself or other companies are to my eyes only. I shouldn’t take money to share people’s personal or account information.

    For life in general I will know not to share my email for work with websites that I could get scams from. I know to keep my user names and passwords to myself to nobody can access my information on the computer. I want to keep myself away from any cybercrime such as hacking, phishing, smishing, piggybacking or any other unlawful tactics.

  9. The ethics paper assignment was really informative. I think it, in general, brought together everything that we have been learning in this course as a whole. Computer ethics has been around for so long and has evolved a lot, really quickly. A lot of us don’t even think about the ethics we use every day while using our technology because it is just so second nature. I think the ethics we use on a computer needs to be understood worldwide and the more people that adhere to these “rules” the better and safer technology will be. Safety is the biggest issue while using technology for sensitive things like online shopping and banking. The safer we feel technology is, the more people will utilize these tools. The convenience is really nice, but because of people that hack into computers I am sure a lot of people steer clear form using any form online payments or money transfers. We have to remember that these rules do not only apply exclusively to computers, but to mobile devices and any other technology that is used.

    As I have already mentioned, I think this paper was a good project for this course, because it allowed me to put together everything that I have learned thus far. It also allowed me to dig a bit deeper and learned more about this specific topic. It definitely opened up my eyes to what is happening in the computer world. I used to never pay much attention to what my computer and phone safety was, but I am now always checking to make sure that my belongings are through a secure and safe network.

  10. I find the idea of computer ethics very interesting. Especially when everyone has their own idea of what is ethical and what is not. It’s all perception. What may be right or ok to one person, is completely unacceptable to another.

    Take for instance, tracking peoples movement via GPS and companies gathering information based on your internet searches to be able to tailor ads to your personal tastes. I find this to be a complete invasion of privacy, but I am the one who chooses to use technologies such as a cell phone and the internet to search for items.

    I found it very interesting that before cell phones, apps, GPS systems and such, when computers were really not a part of main stream life, people were already starting to predict that there would be a whole new set of issues that would come along with the emerging technology of computers. They couldn’t have been more correct. It has changed the social habits, communication skills, and even cognative skills of entire generations.

    I believe that the most useful information I learned, was about social media…the good, the bad, and the ugly. While forms of social media can be used to form an online personna, it definately has its place in the marketing industry. As people become more dependant on social media to keep in touch with the world around them, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to include this technological savvy consumer group.

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