A blog to update those interested about the status and actions of the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay's Alpha Zeta Phi Fraternity.

Join our Brotherhood

Contact SOAZP@uwgb.edu for more information on joining Alpha Zeta Phi!

We provide activities that encourage:

    • Brotherhood
    • Chivalry
    • Honor
    • Personal Development
    • Respect for Self and Others
    • Loyalty to Alma Mater

Expectations of members:

    • Uphold the ideas and goals of the brotherhood
    • Demonstrate responsible leadership
    • Provide leadership in campus and community activities
    • Have concern for the needs and rights of others
    • Strive for academic excellence
    • Discourage events or behaviors that promote a low image of the Greek Community Priority is given to maintain and expand mutual efforts in order to provide a most satisfying educational experience for student members. This lays the foundation for the development of loyal alumni.

Points of Alpha Zeta Phi Membership:

    • To fund our fraternity and various activities, there will be a non-refundable $30 fee charged for pledges and $20 for members due twice annually. This money will go toward our social functions, publicity, and for other purposes.
    • Non-paid members, pledges and alumni do not have voting rights and are not considered official or active members.
    • Each member must have a minimum of 2 service projects per semester.
    • If, for any reason you resign or become inactive from pledging or the Brotherhood you will be required to turn in your pledge packet and pin and any other AZP memorabilia and you may not wear the letters. No money will be refunded for the a fore mentioned items, or any other funds given to the fraternity for any other purposes.

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