What is Academic Technology?

As our new organization begins to converge, let’s reflect on our function for the university. Academic Technology Services (or ATS) is vital for the mission and actions of the institution. Consider the title of the department itself. “Academic” means the “academy” – the teaching, learning, learning spaces (both physical and virtual), scholarship, and research. “Technology” is derived from a greek word meaning “art, skill, or craft.” Today “technology” connotes electronic gadgets, mechanics and industry, but it also means processes, systems, and, like the ancient greek meaning, skill and art. ATS is all these things. In fact, if one looks at the organizational structure of our university, ATS bridges the academic side of the house (academic affairs) with IT (computing and information technology). We also work closely with our library, student affairs, and outreach. We provide classroom technology infrastructure, online learning support, and everything in between. We offer technology solutions to instructional and training needs, and we look forward to playing a prominent role in propelling the University of Wisconsin Green Bay into a future that will be both technology and information rich.

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