Creating folders so students can electronically turn in assignments (Drop Box)

Instructors create folders in the Drop Box to enable students to turn in papers, assignments, tests, etc electronically. Typically, a single Drop Box folder is created for each assignment and test. The instructor can define exactly when each Drop Box folder will be available to students, i.e., when students can turn in their files. Also, the instructor can zip and download all student files at once or open them individually.

Typically, students turn in MS Office files or something similar and comparable. Students with unusual word processors which produce files unreadable by Word should be advised to save their files in a RTF (Rich Text Format). Students can upload multiple files by zipping them together and uploaded the combined zip file.

Note that some files are altered by D2L when they are uploaded. These include any file containing scripting or programming. For example, a student created html file containing JavaScript code will probably have the JavaScript code removed by D2L. The work around is to have the students zip these files and then upload the zip file.

To create a folder in the Drop Box

  1. Click on the Drop Box link on the Nav bar.
  2. Click on New Folder.
  3. Give the folder an appropriate name, e.g., Mid Term Exam, Mission Paper Assignment, etc.
  4. Leave the Folder Type at Individual, do not select a Category or Grade Item, do not enter anything in the Out Of text box.
  5. Enter last minute instructions. (Optional)
  6. Do not Add A File
  7. Click Save.
  8. In the Restrictions tab, check and set the Start and End Dates and times. (Optional)
  9. Click Save

Note: Instructors can create several folders in advance and control them with Start and End Dates.

Always make sure students have clear instructions for the assignment, including which folder to submit the assignment to and when it is due.

To download some or all files in a Drop Box folder

  1. Click on the Drop Box link on the Nav bar. This displays the Folder List.
  2. Click on the link for the desired folder. This displays all of the files submitted by students.
  3. Make sure View By is set to User and Submissions is set to Show Everyone. Set the Per Page number to include all students (or an appropriate number if the class has a very high enrollment).
  4. Check the boxes immediately to the left of the students whose files you want to download. (To select all students with one click, click on the single check box at the top of the list. This adds a check to everyone listed on that page.)
  5. Click on the Download Submissions From Selected Users. The link looks like a small green circle with and white triangle in it. This zips all of the files into a single file and creates a link to that file.
  6. Save the zip file to your computer.
  7. Open it in WinZip or the application of your choice. Extract the files to a new folder. Each file name will include the name of the student and the date and time the file was originally uploaded.
  8. Open the individual files and evaluate based on your criteria. Record the grades in the D2L Grade Book or the grade book of your choice.

What is not included in this file

  1. How to link a drop box folder to an item in the grade book.
  2. How to open individual files without leaving D2L.
  3. How to leave comments in the folder for students.