*By podcasting we really mean “Creating and digitizing audio, video, lectures, presentations, etc. and making them available on the web so students can access them when and where they need them on the device of their choice,” but that doesn’t fit in the menu bar. Sorry. Please also see the Lecture Capture section if you are interested in recording live lectures, live streaming events, or making narrated PowerPoints easily available online.

Best Practices


There are many devices that could be employed when recording or producing your podcast. The Cofrin Library has many hardware devices that faculty, staff, and students can temporarily check out for free. The Library also has instructions and information about the check-out equipment: http://libguides.uwgb.edu/equipment.




Audacity (Win/Mac) sound recording and editing software


iMovie (Mac) Video production/editing software

Windows Movie Makerr

MovieMaker (Win) Video Production/editing software

Other Options


GarageBand (Mac) Audio editing with virtual instruments, podcast output, and video support

QuickTime Pro

QuickTime Pro (Win/Mac) Audio and video tools (more features in mac version)