D2L Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I logon:

  1. Password has expiredRenew it here. Passwords expire if they are not changed at least every six months. (See theCampus Passwords Standards page.) Students and instructors are informed via campus email two weeks before a password expires. Once a password expires the user cannot access campus email, the campus network, the SIS (Student Information System) or D2L until they reset their password. Students can do this through the Student Password Reset link at the bottom of the D2L login page, but instructors do not have this option. Students who cannot reset their password using this link and all instructors should contact the Help Desk at 920-465-2309 (M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, or voice mail) and they will assist.
  2. User is not a UWGB instructor or student.
  3. User is entering numbers on the numeric keypad but NumLock is not on.
  4. Caps Lock is on (or not on). Remember, passwords are case-sensitive, e.g., PassWord is not the same as password or PASSWORD.
  5. User is not in any courses that use D2L . In most cases you cannot logon to D2L until you have a D2L course for the current semester.
  6. User includes spaces in their network password. Spaces might not be accepted by D2L even though they are accepted by our network. If you have spaces in your password and are experiencing problems logging in to D2L, change your network password.

Why can’t I logon from home but I can logon when I’m on campus:

If you can logon from a campus computer but not from your home computer, the problem is with the setup of your home computer. The most likely issues are:

  1. Cookies must be enabled or D2L will not work.
  2. Java scripting must be enabled or D2L will not work.
  3. The AutoComplete functionality with online forms can be problematic if the initial username and password were not correct. In IE7 Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Content -> AutoComplete Settings, and uncheck Forms.
  4. Popups are used for some functionality in D2L, but blocking popups usually doesn’t cause catastrophic problems. We recommend that browsers be set to allow popups (5th dropdown menu) from the D2L site.

I can’t even get to the logon page from my home computer:

Another site might have placed a cookie on your computer to track your usage. The first thing to try is to delete all cookies. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it likely is spyware or some other type of malware.

Why don’t I see my class once I logon:

In most cases students cannot see their D2L courses before the official starting date or after the ending date of the course. Instructors can always see their courses and can request to have their courses made available to their students before or after the official dates. Requests must come from the course instructor and should go to the LTC.

What if I’m on a waiting list for a class:

Students on a waiting list for a class are not officially registered for the class in the SIS and will not show up on a D2L course roster. Instructors who want these students in their D2L course roster should contact the LTC.

Why am I prompted for a username and password when I try to open a Microsoft Office document on the web:

Some users are prompted for a username and password when they try to access some MS Office document, usually Word documents, on the web. This can happen within D2L or on the web in general. This is a known MS issue without a satisfactory solution. The only work around is to click Cancel, sometimes several times.

What is a “known issue:”

A problem is a “known issue” when: 1) it is acknowledged to exist, 2) it is caused by a bug in the application or setup, and 3) there is no immediate solution to the problem or the solution is difficult to implement. Known issues often have “work arounds” rather than solutions, i.e., a way of getting past the problem without really fixing it.

Why can’t I see more of a Content page :

In most cases content opens in its own frame with navigation on the left and the banner, etc on the top. Often documents opened in content will have a width wider than the frame. One solution is to open the document in a new window. To do so, open the document and click on the More Actions button. Choose Open in New Window from the menu.

Why can’t I see some Content links:

Instructors often apply “conditional releases” to content files. Conditional release restricts access to only those students who meet the conditional criteria, e.g., students must have gotten at least an 80% on a test, must have read earlier content items, must have posted to a specific discussion topic, or all three. Any questions concerning conditional release should be referred to the instructor.

Why does it take forever to open a page in Content :

Word files can be quite large and Powerpoint files can be huge. Even after the best of efforts these files might be so large as to be impractical for dialup and even faster connections. The only recourse might be to download them from a campus computer and print them or save them to a thumbdrive or disc.

How can I open PDF files in an Adobe Acrobat window instead of the browser window:

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the application that reads and displays PDF files. In most cases, Adobe opens PDF files in the same browser window. This arrangement restricts the menus and toolbars normally available in Adobe which limits the flexibility of Adobe. To get PDF files to open in a new Adobe Acrobat window go to the Edit menu in Adobe and select Preferences. Select the Internet tab and remove the checkmark at “Display PDF in browser.” Save your changes.

What file types can I use in the Dropbox:

Microsoft Word is recommended for word processed files because it is most commonly used and installed on campus. Other word processing applications are acceptable. See your instructor or contact the LTC with questions regarding file compatibility.

The Dropbox can also accept Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other file types specified by the instructor. Be careful of web pages because they frequently include multiple files that are linked together.

Suggest another FAQ for this page:

Email Leif Nelson (nelsonl@uwgb.edu). Include the words ” D2L FAQ suggestion” on the subject line. We’ll do our best to add your suggestion.