Managing Groups

Creating Groups: Instructors often break their students into groups for in-depth discussion and online group work, or to make the Gradebook more manageable. From within the Edit Course screen click on Groups under the heading Learner Management. The Manage Groups tool appears.

Groups are organized by Categories. Start by clicking on New Category. Enter a short descriptive Category Name, e.g., “Midterm Project” or “Introductions”, and a brief description (optional).

To automatically create the groups and enroll students select an option from the Enrollment Type drop-down box.

  • # of Groups – No Auto Enrollments: this option creates the number of groups you specify in the Number of Groups box. You must assign students manually to each group.
  • Groups of #: this option creates groups based on the size of each group you specify in the Number of Users box. The groups will be auto-populated by D2L.
  • # of Groups: this option creates the specified number of groups based on what is specified in the Number of Groups box. The groups will be auto-populated by D2L.
  • If either Groups of # – Self Enrollment or # of Groups – Self Enrollment are selected students can join whichever group most appeals to them. The group enrollment is still limited by the Enrollment Quantity. Self Enrollment is an interesting process but not commonly selected by instructors.

View or Change Group Membership: Go to Manage Groups, if you’re not already there (Click on Edit Course then Groups). Click on the drop-down arrow next to the category name, and then Enroll Users. The membership for each of the groups is indicated by checkmarks. To change a student’s group membership, add and/or remove checks as needed. Students can belong to more than one group and students can belong to no groups. Click Update when you’re finished.

Editing Categories: Existing categories can be edited in three ways.

  • Clicking on the Category name opens the Category Information window. The category name, description, and group collaboration options can all be modified here.
  • Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to a Category name displays Create Group and Enroll Users. Create Group allows you to add additional groups to existing categories. Enroll Users allows you to assign or remove users from all the groups within a Category from one interface.

Create group workspaces for group-based access to Discussion forums, lockers, and dropbox folders.

While creating or editing Categories, click the Expand the additional options hyperlink listed near the bottom of the page under the heading Additional Options.

The tool areas that can employ group workspaces are discussion forumslockers, and dropbox folders.  Select any of these options and D2L will guide you through a wizard to either select existing locations or create new forums, lockers, and dropbox folders with group-based access.