Links – Adding Additional Web Resources to a D2L Course

The Links tool allows the instructor to add additional or supplemental Web resources to a course. In most cases, these are general in scope and not specific to any one topic in Content. For example, if an instructor requires students to write in an APA style, Links might include resources that help students understand and adhere to that standard. In this example, this resource supports all writings for this class. Another example might be an astronomy course that includes links to major observatories. Again, these are general in scope and not specific to any one Content item.

To add a Link:

Click on Links on the Navbar. Links are organized by categories much as discussions are organized by forums and content is organized by modules. Click on New Category. Add a Category Name, including as much description as desired. Your description will appear under the Category when students view links. Click Save when finished.

Click on New Link to actually create the link within the category. Enter a Title. The title is the text the student will click on to access the Web page so make it brief but fairly descriptive. Add the URL. The safest way to add an URL is to copy it from the address line of another browser window and paste it in the URL textbox. “Open in a new window” means opening in a new browser window. In most cases that is a good idea, so you should leave the check on. Add whatever Description is appropriate. The description will appear under the link when students view Links. Change the Category if necessary. When you’re finished, click Create Link.

You can add any number of links to a category and any number of categories. You cannot ‘time release’ links.

To add, remove, and edit Links:

To add or remove links, click Links from the navbar. Click on New Link to add a link. To delete a link or links, tick the checkbox next to it/them and then the trash can icon to delete a link or links. When deleting individual links, you can also click on the drop-down arrow next to the link name and choose Delete. To edit a link, click on the link itself.