Exporting Final Grades from D2L to SIS

What is required:

An instructor must have a D2L course and use the D2L gradebook. The D2L gradebook must include a Final Grade column using a valid grading scheme. The grading scheme will probably be a new grading scheme defined by the instructor but it can be one of the Organization Schemes available to all instructors. The grading scheme must produce valid letter grades, e.g., A, AB, B., and cannot include A+, A/B, Ok, Pass, etc.

The process of transporting final grades from D2L to SIS:

  1. Logon to D2L and go to the Grades link in the course navbar.
  2. Check over the final grade. The final grade must use a grade scheme that produces only those characters recognized by the SIS, e.g., A, AB, B, etc. It cannot include characters such as A/B, B+, 90%, etc. Most instructors create their own grade schemes so they can define the exact grade cutoffs but the built-in schemes are also available for use. Instructors can create a separate grade scheme to apply only to the final grade. Note that it is acceptable to leave some student final grades empty in D2L as long as those grades are later entered in SIS.
  3. Click on the Export Grades to SIS button in the gradebook. Note: this button will not display if the gradebook was never set up. You will see an “Export completed successfully” message when the grades are sent.
  4. It takes about five minutes for the grades to process.
  5. Logon to the SIS and navigate to the Grade Roster section for the desired course.
  6. Click the “Import D2L Grades” button. This process overwrites existing grades in the SIS gradetable so any grades already entered in the gradetable will be replaced with whatever grade is being imported from D2L. This also means that instructors can import grades, return to D2L to make large-scale changes, and re-import the grades. It also means that an instructor can try it with just a few final grades and then come back and finish with all grades.
  7. Check over the grades and make changes as you see fit. Look for any missing grades and any grades that came in with unusual characters. Make corrections as needed.
  8. Approve your grades in the SIS as you normally do.

Notes and FAQ:

Who do I contact for help?

Contact the LTC if you have any questions on grade schemes or any other D2L issue or any other issue pertaining to this egrade process.

When can I transfer my D2L grades to SIS?

You can transfer grades from your D2L course to SIS any time during the open grading window at the end of the semester until the grades are posted in SIS.

Can I transfer my grades more than once?

Yes, you can transfer grade files from D2L to SIS as often as you like until the course grades are posted in SIS. Each time you import grades into a SIS grade table they replace previously existing grades. Remember, it might take as long as eight minutes before the new grades are ready in SIS; wait for the email.

What if I have multiple sections in my D2L course?

When you export grades from a D2L course all grades for all sections go. Each section in SIS picks up the appropriate students and grades.

What if my D2L course has more than one instructor?

Any instructor in a D2L course can initiate the grade export process. Also, all instructors in a D2L course get an email when the grades get to SIS (At least I think so. I haven’t been able to confirm.) In any case, only the instructor of record can logon to SIS, import the grades, and finalize the grades.

What if I unenroll a student from my D2L course because they dropped the course?

You don’t need to do this. It’s much better to leave the student in the roster and deal with it in the SIS.

Can I use the same grade scheme in more than one D2L course?

Yes, but you must copy it into the additional courses.

Can I create a new grade scheme in a D2L gradebook that I use only for the final grade?


What if I make a mistake on a grade?

An instructor can still change one or more grades in the SIS after the import and before the grades are approved.

What if I don’t want to use it?

This process is completely optional. Any instructor is welcome to ignore this process and enter their grades in SIS as they have in the past.