End-of-Semester Tips

D2L course management for the change of semester

For classes that are ending:

All courses enhanced or taught with D2L have an End Date that controls student access. After the specified End Date, access to a course is limited to the instructor. The course will not show up on the student’s list of D2L classes after the End Date and the students will not be able to access a course after the End Date has passed. No student data is lost so the instructor can refer back to the course as needed. Any instructor can see the End Date for their course by clicking on the Edit Course link on the right side of the D2L navigation bar and then Course Offering Information from the new window. At this time, instructors cannot change the Start or End Dates. If instructors want to make a change they should contact Leif Nelson nelsonl@uwgb.edu, Ext 2933, or the Learning Technology Center ltc@uwgb.edu , Ext 2286. To make the change we will need to know the exact D2L course, including any section numbers, and the desired Start or End Date.

At this time D2L does not have an archive tool. For now, our archive will be the original copy of the course that we retain on the D2L server. Instructors will have direct access to these courses but students will not. As we move into the next semester instructors will need to be careful to make changes in the current semester D2L course and not in an old D2L course.

Instructors can easily download many components of a D2L course, such as the Gradebook and student papers submitted via a Dropbox folder. If you have any questions on these procedures contact the LTC.

For courses that will be reoffered the following semester and for new D2L courses:

All D2L courses are created from scratch each semester. D2L courses are not “reset” in the WebCT sense of the word and then reoffered. Instructors interested in offering a new D2L course or reoffering an existing D2L course should use the web form available at: Request New D2L Course . You’ll be asked for specific information, including:

  1. Term: e.g., Fall 2004
  2. Subject Area: e.g., ECON
  3. Catalog Nbr, e.g., 203
  4. Section: e.g., Section 001
  5. Course Title: e.g., MICRO ECONOMIC ANALYSIS
  6. Instructor Name: e.g., John Stoll
  7. Any special instructions, including unusual start and end dates (e.g., for Extended Degree courses) and multiple sections that should be combined into a single D2L course (if you want them combined).

Student rosters will be uploaded to D2L courses on a regular basis starting well before the beginning of the semester. Since all D2L courses will have a Start Date students will not see their D2L courses until the beginning of the semester.