Create Discussion

The discussion tool does not allow anyone to post messages until you create forums and topics. Here are the steps to set up discussions:

  1. Click Discussions link in the course
  2. Click New Forum
  3. Enter a Forum Title
  4. Click Save and Add Topic
  5. Enter a Topic Title
  6. Click Save

Additional Information

Group Access

If you would like to restrict access to certain discussion forums or topics, click Group Restrictions on the main Discussions page. Groups would have to be set up in the Classlist for this to be available (instructions here).

See the image below for a view of the different settings in the Group Restrictions area of Discussions.

Image of group restrictions screen

In the above image, Group 1 has access to Question 1, Group 2 has access to Questions 2 and 3, Group 3 has access to Question 3, and no one has access to Question 4.


On the main discussions page, click the Statistics button to view how many posts were authored by and read by each user. View by user or by forum and topic.

View and Display Options

Within a discussion topic (the screen where specific posts are displayed) there is a dropdown menu next to the word view in the upper right.

  • View by Threaded shows replies to posts indented beneath the original
  • View All Messages turns the Subject, Authored by, and Date columns into hyperlinks which, when clicked, sort the posts alphabetically or by date.

At the upper right, the Settings link allows you to hide or show deleted messages, message IDs, the preview pane (that shows the message text on the bottom of the screen), and the topics pane (that shows the menu of topics on the left).


The Search For text box allows you to search for discussion posts with keywords or names. On the right, a Show Search Optionslink reveals options for filtering the search by subject, author, body, and date ranges.

The search function is also available on the main Discussions screen allowing you to search all forums and topics.