D2L Gradebook

Selecting a Course Grading System

The first thing to do when setting up a D2L gradebook is to decide which course grading system you’ll be using. The three options are “Weighted,” “Points,” and “Formula.”

  • In a weighted system everything adds up to 100%.
  • In a points system the instructor adds grade items and specifies a perfect score for each and D2L does the math.
  • In a formula system, the final grade is determined by a custom defined formula. Grade items and categories use the Points system. Example: If a user’s score on any item is below 60%, then the user automatically fails the course.

Selecting a Grade Scheme

Before any student grades can be entered the instructor must select a Grade Scheme. The grade scheme is a breakdown by percent of the letter grades A, AB, B, etc. To select a grade scheme, click on the Schemes tab from within the Grades link in the course Nav bar. Choose the default option to stay with percents, select from one of the listed schemes, or create your own grade scheme. Contact the LTC if you have any questions.

The D2L Gradebook and Excel

Exporting the D2L Gradebook:

The D2L gradebook can be exported for Excel (xlsx) or as a CSV (comma separated value) text file, which opens in Excel as well as other spreadsheet-type programs. Please note that Excel (xlsx format) gradebook files cannot be imported back into D2L.

To export a gradebook click on Export from within the Enter Grades tab. Select User name, Grade Values you wish to have displayed, Last Name, and First Name. Select the grade items you want to export. Click the Export button associated with your preferred file type. You should see a popup dialog box prompting you to save the text file just created. Save it to an appropriate location.

Importing a CSV file into your D2L course:

To import a CSV file into your D2L gradebook go to the Enter Grades tab found under Grades in the course navbar. Click on theImport button. Browse to the correct CSV file and click Open. The path and file name will appear in the Import File text box. Click on Continue and then once again after the file is uploaded successfully. Ensure the information is correct in the gradebook preview and click Import to finalize the gradebook import.

Large classes and CSV files with several columns might require several steps to import the entire file. In most cases it is desirable to not include extraneous columns in the import file. Any errors in the import process will be reported at the bottom of the page.

For Assistance:

The D2L Gradebook can be a bit tricky, especially for complicated gradebooks and/or large classes. Instructors are encouraged to contact Leif Nelson in the LTC for assistance with the gradebook.