Content Tool


The content tool in D2L is a flexible means of storing and distributing various types of material. Upload text, audio or video. Post the course syllabus, class handouts, and links to resources.

  • Click the View Content tab to see how your Modules and Topics are organized. This is also what a student would see if the clicked on the Content link in the course Nav bar.
  • Click the Manage Content tab to create new files, upload files, and link to existing course files. This is the tab that is shown when you first click on Content in the course Nav bar.
  • The Course Builder tab brings you to the Course Builder tool, which allows you to review your entire course at once. Click here to learn more.
  • Click the Manage Files tab to enter a folder view of all your files for the course. You can create new folders to organize your course files, upload files, compress (zip) files, download files, and add Content Topics for course files (link the file to the View/Manage Content pages)

Modules and Topics

The content is intended to be set up in what are called Modules and Topics. The Modules are the main categories. On the content page in D2L, Modules serve as headings, or placeholders for the specific items placed below them.

In D2L content, a Topic is any file that is linked from the main content page. It can be html, PDF, audio, video, or a host of other formats.

There must be at least one Module to add any files to the content area.
Click Add Content and you will be presented with four choices:

New Module - As stated earlier, modules are the main categories. You can think of them as the folders that contain the documents (topics). You can also create sub modules to further organize topics.

New File -This will open the html editor – a built-in word processor. Any content created this way will easily be opened in a browser window. When creating a topic this way, enter a title, which will show up as the link to this file from the main content screen.

New Course File – Link to a file that has already been uploaded into your course files.

Upload File – Upload and link to a file that is stored on your desktop, a disk, or somewhere else besides your course. After uploading, a copy of the file will be stored with other course files in D2L.

Add Multiple Topics Choose to create topics from all or some of the files that have already been uploaded into your course files.


Quicklinks are Topics that link to information other than standard files. For example, you can create Quicklinks to Calendar items, course quizzes, course discussions, surveys, etc.

To create a Quicklink topic, either click on the Add Quicklink button within the Manage Content tab, or select the drop down arrow next to a Module and select New Quicklink.