Archive Course Content and Student Work

Export and save copies of course content and student contributions by utilizing the available download options in D2L tools.

Download Course Content:

  1. Go to Content and click Manage Files.
  2. Check the boxes for the files/folders you wish to retain (files used as content topics are indicated by a red “t”)
  3. Click Download (green circle with white down arrow)
  4. A new window will pop up after the file(s) has/have been zipped
  5. Click on your file to open or save it

Export the D2L Gradebook

The D2L gradebook can be exported as a CSV (comma separated value) text file which opens in Excel. To export a gradebook:

  1. Click on Export in the enter grades window.
  2. Select User name, Points Grade, Last Name, and First Name.
  3. Select the grade items you want to export (If you don’t want all items, be sure to remove the check by “Export all items.”)
  4. Click Export to Excel or Export to CSV. You should see a popup dialog box prompting you to save the text file just created. Save it to an appropriate location. Excel can open both Excel files and CSVs. D2L cannot import Excel files into gradebooks though, only CSV file types.

Download Student-submitted Dropbox Files:

  1. Click on the Dropbox tool and then the link for the assignment folder.
  2. Put checks by the papers you want to download. Note: if you want to select all the student papers lick on the check box at the top of the left column, immediately to the left of the Delete button.
  3. Click on the Download button. The student files will be combined into a single zipped file.
  4. Save this zipped file to your computer. To open the zip file double-click or right-click on the zip file and and select Open with Winzip. Winzip opens and lists the files. To extract the files click on the Extract button, select a location, and click Extract. All student papers are identified with the student’s name in the file name