Adding MP3 Files

Add audio content to your D2L course by embedding and uploading MP3 files. For accessibility and convenience, we recommend including audio content the following way:

Embed the audio in an HTML file

  1. Open the HTML editor (if in Content, select Create New File if just getting started with the document)
  2. Give your new file a title and assign it to a module if applicable
  3. Click the Advanced Tab
  4. Click the Insert Stuff icon icon
  5. Click Browse and find your file
  6. Click Upload
  7. Enter a description for the link and alternative text
  8. Click Insert
  9. Save and Close your HTML file when finished editing

Upload the MP3 File to Course Content

  1. From the Manage Content tab of Course Content, click Add Content and then Upload File quicklink icon
  2. Assign a Module and give the link to the file a name
  3. Browse to your file and click Open in the new window
  4. Save and Close