Detailed Clicker Evaluation

Each clicker was evaluated with a set of criteria, which can be broken down into three general categories. FunctionalityEase of Use, and Support. Click any of the preceding links to jump ahead to that section in the matrix below.


Criteria iClicker eInstruction Turning Point
Can change answer responses? Yes, within time limit. Yes Yes
Answer data for all students per question is available? No. Yes. Must generate a report Yes. Must generate a report.
Data indicates correct responses? A report showing correct/incorrect responses can be generated. Yes, via an option within the session. Yes. Must generate a report.
Session data export format? .csv .csv .csv
Self-paced quiz option? No Yes No (yes with XR model)
Ask the same question twice and display side-by-side results? Yes, but points are given on both–can’t delete original. Yes Yes
Impromptu questions? Yes Yes. Yes.
Response timer? Yes Yes Yes
Any integration with D2L? No No Pending

Ease of Use

Criteria iClicker eInstruction Turning Point
Registration? online, in class, or entered manually online with course key local enterprise managerapplication
Roster creation? Manually entered by instructor Automatically via registration Via enterprise manager interface
Answer confirmation indicator? green light LCD display green light (LCD on XR)
Batteries? 3 AAA 2 AA 2 Lithium (2 AAA on XR)
Battery life indicator? flashing red light at <10 hrs LCD No (LCD on XR)


Criteria iClicker eInstruction Turning Point
Mac and PC? Yes Yes Yes
Hours and phone numbers N/A Mon – Thu: 7 AM – 6 PM Fri: 7 AM – 5 PM 888.333.4988 Mon – Fri:
6 AM – 8 PM
Email support@ techsupp@ support@