Clicker Evaluation

We evaluated three clicker providers. Click the links at the top of this screen or in the list below to view a detailed analysis of each vendor based on criteria we created to judge the functionality, ease of use, and support options for each provider. Also, a short pro and con list is available.

Links to the evaluation pages

Detailed Criteria Matrix: Many facets of the clickers are explored, including ease of use, functionality, and available support from the vendor.

Pro and Con List: A list of advantages and disadvantages of each clicker product.

Vendor web sites

Official web sites for the three companies we are evaluating:

The above links open external proprietary web sites in new windows.

A clicker by any other name . . .

Clickers have many names; here are some you may come across:

  • Audience Response System (ARS)
  • Student Response System (SRS)
  • Electronic Response System (ERS)
  • Personal Response System (PRS)
  • Classroom Response System (CRS)
  • Classroom Performance System (CPS)
  • Classroom Communication System (CCS)