Using Turning Point Anywhere

This document focuses on using Turning Point Anywhere for classroom polling during lectures and presentations.

The following topics are covered: creating a question listloading a question listusing TurningPoint Anywhere to display questionsusing TurningPoint Anywhere with other lecture methods, and modifying TurningPoint Anywhere settings.

Creating a question list

Launch Turning Point Anywhere. The “Launchpad” window opens.

  1. Under the Create and Manage heading, click on Question Lists (1) and then New question list (1).
  2. You are now in the question editor. The left-most pane shows your existing questions and allows you to create new questions with the “plus” icon (2).

    The middle pane shows editing options for whichever question is selected in the left pane. If you plan on using Turning Point Anywhere to display your questions to the audience, enter your question as you’d like it to appear in the white text box. Otherwise, a note to yourself is sufficient. You can add additional answer options with the “plus” icon (3).

    The right-most pane is for editing point values and other options.

  3. When you’re finished creating your questions and answers, click on Close question list, click on Save…, and choose a location that will be accessible from the computer used in presenting.

Loading a Question List

  1. Launch Turning Point Anywhere.
  2. Click on Question Lists and then Load Question List. Browse to the question list you saved earlier and click Open.
  3. With the question list loaded, you can edit it further by choosing Edit Current Question List or you can begin polling by clicking on the Poll section

Using Turning Point Anywhere to Display Questions

  1. Once you have a question list loaded and you’ve clicked on Poll in the top quarter of the Turning Point Anywhere window, a smaller Polling window opens (note: this can be hard to spot, a picture is below).
  2. By default, Turning Point Anywhere will display your questions when you press Play. Pressing Stop will stop polling and display the clicker responses. If you do not see either and want them to appear, please see the section below about modifying Turning Point Anywhere options.
  3. When you’re finished with your presentation, you can click on the drop down arrow in the lower left corner of the Polling window, choose Session, and then Save Session. Saving sessions allows you to return to review results later.

Using another source to display questions

Turning Point Anywhere can be used to poll students without displaying questions or results. This can be useful when using a presentation method other than PowerPoint or when presenting on a Mac. To turn off Turning Point Anywhere’s question and answer display, please follow the instructiosn in the section below.

Modifying TurningPoint Anywhere display options (questions, results, etc.)

The Settings menu is used to modify many options in TurningPoint Anywhere.

  1. To access Settings, click on Settings in the lower right corner of the main TurningPoint Anywhere window, or from the polling window, click the drop-down arrow in the lower left corner, choose Tools and then Settings.
    TPA Settings screen capture
  2. The Settings window has many options. To modify presentation settings, click on Presentation in the left column. Here we can turn off Turning Point Anywhere question slides as well as answer slides. This is useful when using another medium besides a slideshow for presentations. To turn off Turning Point Anywhere questions and answer slides, set the Display Questions and Answers item to False.
    Screen capture of Settings Options
  3. If you’d also like to hide the results window after a question polling is finished, click on General in the left column, then setShow Results to False.