Testing with Turning Key

Importing Class Rosters

A course roster links student names and information with their answers to clicker questions. A roster is necessary for students to earn credit for their clicker participation.

To Get and Save a class roster file:

  1. Go to https://sis.uwgb.edu/clicker/
  2. Enter your campus username and password and click Login
  3. Select the course
  4. Click the Download Roster button
  5. Click Save in the File Download prompt
  6. Browse to the TurningKey folder on your M Drive in My Documents.
  7. Select the Participants folder and save the tpl roster file there.

The clicker roster that is saved to your M drive will not update automatically, you must download an updated roster from the site above if students have registered since the last time you downloaded the file. You will want to download the roster for a particular course a few times the first week of class so you have an updated list that accounts for any adds or drops. Follow the above steps and you will be prompted to overwrite the existing roster. Click Yes, and your roster will be up to date.

Using the Roster in TurningKey

  • Once the roster is saved in the Participants folder, it can be loaded in TurningKey.
    • Click the Participants menu, then Load Participant List, then Choose Other…
  • To view students who do not have clickers, click Participants, then Edit a Participant List. Select the tpl file and a spreadsheet will open displaying student information. Any blank cells in the Device ID column indicate those students who have not yet registered their clickers.

TurningPoint/TurningKey Rosters use an exclusive TPL format file extension. However, when opened with MS Excel, the data is actually pretty easy to view. Below is a sample roster file for test purposes:

(Right click, save target as, remove .xml from end of filename) Sample Roster


Creating an Answer Key

Image displaying the New Key DialogueTo create a new answer key:

1. Click on “New Key”

2. Enter the field items and default question type.

3. Choose your default question type. Question types can be modified later. Use this option to select the question type that will appear the most on your quiz.

4. If your question type is Multiple Choice, Response, or Matching, choose the default number of choices.

5. Give your answer key a name and description if necessary, and click OK. This will open the TurningKey Editor.

Editing Answer Keys

From within the answer key editor, you can…

  • Change question types
  • Modify the number of answers if applicable
  • Enter answers
  • Modify the point value for a question
  • Insert and remove questions

Tips for entering question answers:

  • Multiple Response question correct answers are not separated by any punctuation or spacing
  • For Fill-in-the-Blank questions, correct answers have a limit of 16 characters and multiple correct answers must
    be separated by a semi-colon
  • Matching questions allow for duplicate answers and are order specific
  • Essay question responsed are not graded by TurningKey. Participant responses can be viewed in the Individual
    Results Report and the Individual Score Report.

Administering a Test

  1. Plug the USB RF receiver into the computer
  2. If an answer key is not already loaded, click the Load Key button on the toolbar in LearningKey. TestingPoint
    keys can also be opened in TurningKey.
  3. Click on the Participants menu and load a participant list if necessary. See the earlier section if necessary.
  4. Click the Set Timer button in the toolbar to set a duration for the quiz or a specific end time (this can also be
    done once the quiz is started).
  5. Click the Start Polling icon in the TurningKey toolbar. A new window opens up with polling options.
    1. For User ID Login, set the drop-down box to Off
    2. Set the Completed Test Message type you’d like students to see
    3. Enter your custom completed message if Custom was selected in Completed Test Message
    4. Click OK to confirm your settings and to being the test polling
  6. Click the Stop Polling button in the TurningKey toolbar to end the test. This needs to be done even if you set a timer.
  7. Click on the Answer Key menu and save your session.

Managing Test Results

It’s possible to view test results during a test in addition to after a test is closed.

Viewing test results while a test is in progress

To view test results while a test is in progress, click the Tools menu and select Live Results and Feedback Monitor.
From the Live Results and Feedback Monitor, you can view test progress/results by student (individual) or by class (overall progress).
You can also view any feedback students sent in the Feedback log.

Viewing test results in TurningKey after a test is closed

To view results from within TurningKey, click on the Reports button in the toolbar. Click on Current Session in the left column (you can
also view previous cached sessions). In the larger right column, choose the parameters you’d like to view from the drop-down menu.

Viewing test results outside of TurningKey

Exporting Results to D2L:

  1. Click the Export button on the TurningKey toolbar. Current Session  is the default choice. You can also export previously saved
    sessions with Other Session.
  2. From Export Scheme, select Desire2Learn and click Export.
  3. From within your D2L course gradebook, click the Import button.
  4. Click Browse and find the .txt file that TurningKey created. This is stored in Documents\TurningKey\Tests by default. Click
    Open once your file is selected.
  5. If there is not a gradebook item with the name you gave your answer key in TurningKey you will need to create it. The easiest
    way to accomplish this is to check the box titled Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced.
  6. Click Continue and then Continue again.
  7. For the Max Points field, make sure the maximum points for the grade book item match the maximum points possible on your
    TurningKey exam. For example, if the maximum possible on a TurningKey test was 7/7 and the D2L gradebook item was set
    to a value of 10, the best your students could do would be 7/10.
  8. Modify bonus point options and click Continue. Your imported item will be previewed. Click Import.

Exporting Results to a Report:

  1. Click the Reports button on the TurningKey toolbar.
  2. Select Current Session if you just completed testing, otherwise previous sessions may also be listed in the left column.
  3. Select the report type you’d like from the drop-down menu in the larger, right-hand column.
  4. Click Print to print the results, or you can save them as CSV or HTML with the Save button. A CSV file can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.