Taking a Test

Your instructor may use clickers to conduct a self-paced test or quiz, in which you will be handed a paper questionnaire and must answer them with the clicker. Here are the steps to taking such an exam.

Access the Test Interface

  1. Press any button on your Clicker to begin the exam.
  2. Press the Right Function key associated with “OK” to begin the exam.

Answering Questions

  1. You can enter numeric responses to questions, or lower and upper case letters. Press the ABC button to cycle through numeric only responses, lower case and numeric, or upper case and numeric. Each time you press a button when characters are enabled, it will cycle through the number and the alphabetical characters associated with that number (ex. 2-a-b-c).
  2. The clicker will store your answer. Press Enter (the gray button in the center of the directional pad) to store and proceed to the next question.
  3. You can navigate to questions out of sequence by pressing the Up arrow, then right or left to cycle through questions. Press Down or the Left Action button once on a question to modify it’s answer. Please note, when you modify and save the final answer, the Clicker will bring you to the submission screen. If you are not finished with your exam, when the screen says “Send?” click the Left Action button (back arrow on the screen) to go back to your exam.
  4. When finished with the entire Test, go to the final question and press Enter (gray button in the center of the directional pad). Follow the prompts to confirm you are finished and send your response in.

Deleting a Test in Progress

While in the testing interface, press the Right Action button (associated with wrench icon). Press the right and left arrows to navigate the tools menu. Find “Delete Test” and press the enter button (center gray button in direction pad). Press enter again to confirm.