Reporting Scores and Uploading to D2L

Here are the steps for importing Clicker sessions into D2L.

In TurningPoint:

  • Go to Tools;TurningReports
  • Select the session you want to generate the report for
  • Click Reports (or double click the session)
  • Select Participant Results ReportGraded Participant Results (Point values)
  • Click Generate Report in the lower right of the window

In the Excel File Report

  • Delete everything except the Username column and the Total Points column
  • Select all the numbers in the total points column, then click the exclamation point icon and select Convert to Number

In D2L

  • Go to Grades
  • Click Export Grades
  • Select Key Field: Username; and Grade Values: Points Grade
  • Under Choose Grades to Export select only the column you wish to add scores to (Note: this column should be prepared already with the appropriate maximum point value)
  • Click Export to CSV
  • Click the file link in the popup and Open (or Save and then open)

In Excel

  • In the D2L Export Excel file select row one and copy it
  • Open the modified TurningPoint Report Excel file, select row one and paste the column headers from the D2L Export
  • Beneath the End-of-Line Indicator (column C, row 2) type a #
  • Click and hold the lower-right corner of the cell and drag the cursor down to the last row of the spreadsheet that contains an entry- if successful the # should be copied into the cells of column C.
  • The information in the spreadsheet should look like this


  • Click Save As
  • Next to Save As Type choose CSV (comma delimited)
  • Save the file in a location from which it will soon be retrieved

In D2L

  • Click Import Grades
  • Click Browse
  • Select the CSV file containing the TurningPoint Report data that was just saved and click open
  • In D2L, click Next (and Next again if any errors are detected)
  • Click Import