Importing a Class Roster

A course roster links student names and information with their answers to clicker questions. A roster is necessary for students to earn credit for their clicker participation.

To Get and Save a class roster file:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your campus username and password and click Login
  3. Select the course
  4. Click the Download Roster button
  5. Click Save in the File Download prompt
  6. Browse to the TurningPoint folder on your M Drive in My Documents.
  7. Select the Participants folder and save the tpl roster file there.

The clicker roster that is saved to your M drive will not update automatically, you must download an updated roster from the site above if students have registered since the last time you downloaded the file. You will want to download the roster for a particular course a few times the first week of class so you have an updated list that accounts for any adds or drops. Follow the above steps and you will be prompted to overwrite the existing roster. Click Yes, and your roster will be up to date.

Image of Save location

Using the Roster in TurningPoint

  • It is not necessary to have a participant list selected while you are a creating your presentation, but you must select a participant list when you are ready to start a session (i.e., begin asking questions in presentation mode).
  • Once the roster is saved in the Participants folder, it can be selected in TurningPoint in the dropdown menu next toParticipants.
  • To view students who do not have clickers, click Participants, then Edit a Participant List. Select the tpl file and a spreadsheet will open displaying student information. Aany blank cells in the Device ID column indicate those students who have not yet registered their clickers.

TurningPoint Rosters use an exclusive TPL format file extension. However, when opened with MS Excel, the data is actually pretty easy to view. Below is a sample roster file for test purposes:

(Right click, save target as, remove .xml from end of filename) Sample Roster