Getting a clicker (and returning it)

Where Do I Get My Clicker?

You will check out a clicker at the Cofrin Library 3rd floor Public Services Desk. There will be signs indicating the exact location. You will check out a clicker just like you check out a library book. You will need to bring your student ID.  If you are taking more than one class that uses a clicker, you only need one clicker.  You must check out your own clicker.  You cannot share with someone else.

You can pick up a clicker a few days before the semester starts, and you must have one by the end of the first week of class.

What Does It Cost?

In an effort to keep costs low, you will be renting your clicker rather than purchasing it. The rental charge for the semester is $7. Note that a student who loses or damages their clicker or fails to return it at the end of the semester will be invoiced $55. The $7 rental fee will appear on your student account in SIS; you will not pay the rental fee at the Library when checking out your clicker.

The $7 fee will appear on your record whether or not the clicker is checked out, so pick one up! You need to have your own clicker.  You cannot share one. Also, if you use clickers in two or more classes, you only need one clicker; you do not need a separate clicker for each class that uses one.

Do I Get to Keep the Clicker?

No. At the end of the semester, return the clicker to the library Public Services Desk. Return the clicker within one week after the official last day of the semester, or you will be charged a $55 replacement fee.

What if I Drop the Class – Do I Get a Refund?

If you drop this class during the allowed drop period you must return the clicker to Lindsay Simonsen or Emily Rogers at the Library’s Public Services Desk on the third floor to have the $7 fee removed. This 100% refund period ends when the drop period ends. If you did not check out a clicker before dropping, you still must notify Lindsay Simonsen or Emily Rogers at the to have the fee refunded. If you drop the class after the drop deadline you will still be charged for the $7 rental fee.  In all cases, you will be invoiced the full $55 replacement fee if the clicker is not returned to the library at the end of the semester.

Can I Use a Different Clicker?

We will be using the Turning Point NXT model clicker with LCD display. Do not attempt to use a clicker that was acquired outside of the library process described above. Only clickers acquired through the library are supported on campus.