About Us

Academic Technology Services (ATS) helps faculty and staff integrate technology in the teaching and learning process. To this end, it acts as a clearing house for instructional technology information and training opportunities, showcases new technologies, and assists faculty and staff in developing technology expertise. The ATS staff provides pedagogical and technical advice and support technologies for online course sites, document and image editing, presentations, student engagement, audio/visual media, and communication. The ATS works collaboratively with multiple departments and individuals at UW Green Bay as well as throughout the UW System, and with other institutions, individuals, and organizations. The ATS assists in the assessment and evaluation of instructional technology, influencing its direction, adoption and use.

Our staff, in collaboration with CATL and Adult Degree, provides end-to-end support of instructional technology from design and development through implementation and presentation in the classroom or online. ATS supports faculty and staff but we do not have the resources or the charge to do production. So, for example, we help instructors develop online courses but we do not do the work for them. Or, we show instructors how to scan slides but we do not scan large numbers of slides for the instructor. We do not have a drop-off service. In some cases, instructors arrange for students to assist them with special projects such as scanning large numbers of slides. In those situations, we are happy to provide support for those students for those special projects.