UW System Grants

Current Opportunities:

2014 Wisconsin ESEA Title II Improving Teacher Quality Program 

(click on link above for Request for Proposals and Guidelines, Forms, and more information)

Proposal Deadlines:

  • REQUIRED Intent to submit: July 11, 2014.  Email to makuratp@uww.edu indicating project director(s), proposal’s core content area(s) and grade level(s).
  • Full Proposal:  September 11, 2014.  Principal investigators are encouraged to check with their institution’s research administration office for institutional deadlines or other requirements that might apply.

The University of Wisconsin System administers the Wisconsin ESEA Title II Improving Teacher Quality Program. This is a competitive grants program for increasing student achievement in the arts, civics and government, economics, English, foreign languages, geography, history, mathematics, reading or language arts, and science, by improving the teaching and principal quality at the K-12 level in Wisconsin’s public and private schools. The funds will provide grants to eligible partnerships.